Friday, July 14

Book Review Time Again...."The Comeback" by Lou Giglio

I want to start out by saying that this book caught my attention just in the description of what is contained inside.  The part of God always has a new beginning for us no matter the disappointment that we are facing, the feeling of failure, the mistake that we've made, the feeling of being confused or frustrated, or that we are grieving. We may feel far from God, but He's never far from us. He already has the solution for what we are facing and going through.  While I was reading through I found some great gems that I shared with friends including the reference of where found with friends. One of them is this, "None of us can cop out and say, "I'm just going to check out." No, that's not God's purpose for you. He wants you to understand that there are no wasted moments. For His glory, He uses everything that's happened, everything that's happening, and everything that will happen--the past, present, and future."  I spoke with friends while reading this book. I found that this read was a deep but at the same time quick one. I mean that as you get reading you're ready to flip to that next page.  Another good one was this; "Step by step, God will make our comeback happen. He will bring about what He wants in our lives. He will unfold His plan in His time and His way. And it will be like nothing we could dream up ourselves."

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, July 5

Good Morning!!!

Good Morning, Everyone!! Hope you're having a good start to your days. I have been in the Word this morning. I spent some time reading from my devotional by Joni Eareckson Tada, A Spectacle of Glory. The one this morning really touched me on so many levels. I mean seriously, how often do we allow distractions to interrupt us and keep us from doing the things we ought to be doing. This here is the devotional...

July 5  Psalm 25:15

It's difficult enough trying to grab a quiet few minutes with God and His Word. But sometimes it feels like you're running through an obstacle course of distractions to get there. You head toward your Bible or the Bible app on your iPad, but find yourself checking Facebook first. Or the headlines. Or the latest sports scores. Or something totally unrelated to anything! Or maybe you think a cup of coffee will help your concentration, which leads to a snack ---and before you know it, the time has flown and you have to move into your day without seeking the Lord.

  Life has always been full of distractions. But we truly need to connect with the Lord and His Word every day. That's why today's Scripture gives such an effective reminder when distractions keep sidetracking us. "My eyes are ever on the Lord, for only he will release my feet from the snare." If we keep our eyes on Him, He won't allow us to become tripped up or entangled in trivialities.

Amen, Lord! I have spent too much time filling my mind with worthless distractions and the empty ways of this temporary world. Turn my heart! Draw my attention. Rule my heart. I need to spend time in Your presence, feeling Your nearness and listening to Your voice. 

There's so much in there to chew on today.   I know this will keep my focus on His Word.  Thanks for stopping by today!!! 
Grace & Peace,

Monday, June 26

Goliath Must Fall book review by Lou Giglio

Hi, Everyone! I have another book to review. I was given this book to review; the opinions are my own. I grew up in the church. I learned about the story of David and Goliath. As a child, I learned simple from a felt board and the teacher taught so we could understand from our young age. My parents also taught me the story of David and Goliath. My Mom had a record album of Bible stories; we wore that out. We read it several times in the Bible. In this book; it was deeper. I learned through the story that David was a shepherd and Goliath was a giant. Goliath was a champion so you'd think to go against a shepherd it was a sure win for him, not so. We see David removing the armor that Saul gave him to protect him; David didn't want that. David said that he had not tested them so he took them off and he took up his staff in hand, five smooth stones he placed in his shepherd's bag, in a pouch that he had and he had his sling in hand. This is what he took to go fight Goliath. Just like how David took Goliath down we can take our "giants" of fear, anger, rejection, addiction and more down.We can say to this thing that harassed us praise God; you can't harass me anymore. We depend on the power of the name of Jesus by picking up the Word of God. The Sword of the Spirit. I liked this book and I had my Bible near me while I read. I also had a notebook so that when something stood out I would write it then after put why it stood out for me. I found that this book went deep into the story of Goliath and David, but also related "Goliath" as our "giants" - the things we face.  I would share this book with friends.

Monday, June 12

Book Review: "The Gospel According to Paul"

Greetings Everyone!!! Hope you're having a great day!!! I have been wanting to get to this, but have had to finish the book first. I have been given this book for my honest review. The opinions in this review are mine alone. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

I want to start with that I was looking for something deeper to read and when I saw this I knew it was going to fit the need for a deep read. There is so much to take in. I found so many gems in the read I followed the scripture references and highlighted them in my Bible. I talked with a family member about the book and when I finished I am to give to them to read. I can't wait to get their feedback on the book.  When I was reading there was a passage of scripture that jumped off the page at me Matthew 5:21-22 pg 44. I had listened to a sermon by Rev Ed Young. He spoke about different types of anger, positive and negative anger that when you get angry with someone that you've committed murder. He then made reference to the Chronicles of Narnia Movie and Aslan's character. Then how we have Susan's and Lucy's in our churches and what role each plays.  When he did this as I said that one scripture Macarthur brought out on page 44; it just confirmed the sermon that he brought forth. I love when God does that. I find that God does that, He puts books in our way, He brings people into our lives; we may not always know the reason for these things, but I am thankful and love it when He does. 

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Grace & Peace,

Tuesday, May 23

Book Review A Path to Restoration

In this study guide, I was drawn to dig deeper into my relationship with the Lord.  I say this because in one part the author asked if we had thanked Him for our body parts: our hair, our eyes, our nose, our mouth, our voice, our form and our height. He chose our genes that resulted in how we look. If you look in Psalm 139:13-16 you will see for yourself that the Lord chose how we are formed, how we are made. All the days of our lives were already written before we were even born. With this, we were directed to write praises for various aspects of our bodies that we enjoy. These are gifts from God. After this, in the next pages, we were directed again to write praises for abilities and talents you have: gifts from God, the Creator of the universe.  Our inherited abilities are God-given. You are told to think about these and what they mean to you. Are you able to be thankful for the way you're made; the abilities you have? If you have an illness or disease can you be thankful in that? Can you still find a way to praise Him for that? I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta; I could decide to be negative and complain because of the challenges I face with this disease, but I choose not to.  I tend to make light of times when I fracture with the simplest of things. I say that because I have broken my wrist just carrying a textbook of my son's home from his school because the school wanted him to have double books so he wouldn't fracture, but I am the one that did instead. 
Grace & Peace,
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