Wednesday, April 9

Good Morning!!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!! Hope everyone is having a good day!!! I will be busy in my studio today.  I have many projects on the table to complete.  I have projects from Drama Club at our school, to Easter Cards and projects, Get Well cards, Birthday surprises. I will also be getting on the next set of things we need for our "Things to do bag" for the infusions that will be coming up again.  I am looking for ideas of what fun things to add that I haven't had in the last two sessions of infusions.  I like to keep it changed up.  If you have any ideas please feel free to post here.   Thank you so much!!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!!

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Saturday, April 5

Book Review: Twirl By Patsy Clairmont

I wanted to share this book.  The front of the book is what caught my attention.  I love pinwheels not only to play with, but they are fun to make as well.  Ok enough on that LOL. 
This book caught my attention when I read the description.  We spend most of our life spinning when we should just be twirling, besides it's just more fun.  Twirl puts a spin on life, on things...yes that pun is intended.  I enjoyed the book it was a great read.  I laughed, some were close to heart. What I really liked was that she had questions that were thought provoking.  I enjoyed them because it would make you think even more about what you've just read.  One of those questions was this "When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?"  That would be fun feel free to post your responses.  I'd like to hear some of your times. 
Another thing I had a notebook at my side with pen and a highlighter of course, hehehe.  I just had to one record all those little "nuggets" I wanted to remember for later.  I wrote so much, but I am so glad I did.  I even included the page number and side of the page so I could just zip right back to it when I wanted to or needed to.  I would recommend this book to friends and family.

Grace & Peace,

Sad,but happy news......

Dr. Shoemaker
Great Doctor 
and Friend

Good Afternoon Everyone!!! Hope you're having a great weekend! We are just getting started in our fun.  I have some fun things planned for our son.  I have been designing this morning for some things our school has requested.
As you see at the top of this post "Sad, but happy news..." I wrote that because this wonderful doctor who has walked with us through the diagnosis process with our son will be leaving us to move on to another big adventure in his career.  We are very happy for him, but sad that he will be leaving us.  We are very thankful that he has given us his personal contact information that we may stay in contact with him as we continue through this journey with our son to keep him updated with the progress and infusions.  
We made him a gator in 3-D for him to have on his desk or in a special place he chooses.  We also made him this special card.  Before I show you I want to leave a special message for Dr. Shoemaker.
Dr. Shoemaker just want to say thank you and we really appreciate, value all that you have done for us and with our son.  You have made this diagnosis more understandable and easier to walk through.  We love all you have done; may you enjoy your new adventure. You seemed so excited for your new position.  We hope you share with us some of your excitement and adventure.  We will be in contact with updates. 
Now all that you have been waiting for........the card

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, March 26

Greetings Everyone!!!!

 Hi Everyone!!! Spring is in the air!!! I know it may not seem like it here were I am from in New York.  We woke to a fresh layer of snow on the ground.  I know, we are all waiting patiently for Spring to really get here.  Stay warm all my friends in New York!!!  Try to be healthy and those that have been down with the flu or colds feel better real soon.  I know the colds have been going through our home.  I have been busy cleaning and doing all to end this fight with the colds.

Our son will be facing infusions again in April.  We know they're no fun to deal with, but we know it is best for him.  Those that don't know he has been diagnosed with Osteogenesis  Imperfecta Type 1.  We face these infusions every four months.

Now to interesting things.  I received a package today.  I wasn't sure what it contained.  I opened it and this is what was inside!! A Book!!!! YEAH!!!! I love books!  I love to read.  This one is by Patsy Clairmont "Twirl" A fresh spin at life.  I can't wait to dig into reading it.  I will have a review of it when I have completed the book. 

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Tuesday, March 18

Racing on the Right Track Book Review

 Do you love NASCAR racing? Would you love to get into the Eternal Victory Lane? RACING ON THE RIGHT TRACK uses real-life illustrations from the world of NASCAR to convey rock-solid biblical truths in living a victorious life. Die-hard race fans follow the greatest sport on earth, and die-hard Jesus fans follow the greatest champion of the universe. Learn more about both in this stimulating, one-of-a-kind book.

I come from a family that loves racing.  We enjoy watching the races each weekend during racing season.   When we can we will attend a race locally to our area.  A dream of ours is to one day attend a NASCAR race.  We have a few in mind that we'd like to attend.  I saw this book and decided that I just had to read it as we love racing.  I found lots of interesting facts about the racing industry as well as learned a few things about various drivers that were mentioned in the book.  I really don't want to spoil it for anyone.  I thought this would be more of a chapter type book, but this is more of a devotional type book.  You can read each day.  You learn of a driver maybe an event that happened with them or something different.  I really liked the one that they talked about fear.  I had been in a wreck with my car with a tractor trailer and it took me a long 3yrs before I would drive again.  In this one that I am referring to they spoke on fear ~ after an event occurred they had them restart the car.  They did and yet the fear after didn't set it.  Why? The fear didn't set in because they had a motivator their brother.  If they hadn't pushed him to try harder they may be in a different point of life at that point.   I am glad to have Christ as my motivator.  I am glad that He pushes me harder to become more of the Godly Woman that He desires me to be. 
I would recommend this book to anyone that is a racing fan.  There is so much more to this book than appears.  I really enjoyed it.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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