Monday, March 27

Bloom where you are planted

Greetings everyone! I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this devotional. I had an experience that when I read another devotional then this one I found they coincided. I love when God does that. I have learned to pay attention when He does this because I find there is a lesson to be learned. I found the devotional very relatable to my life in ways.  This one part stuck out for me; Gloria Gaither once said, “When we read of the great Biblical leaders, we see that it was not uncommon for God to ask them to wait, not just a day or two, but for years, until God was ready for them to act." I found this even true with God's healing. I had a medical mystery with my chest. This took over ten years to finally repair. I am happy now that things are better, but it was a long road; glad I kept my faith and trusted God for His healing. I am now able to help others that struggle too. This experience has changed me in so many ways. I am planning on sharing this with some friends. I was given a copy for my personal review. My review is my opinion alone. 

Tuesday, March 21

It's that time again.....Book Review!!!! Promises For You Coloring Devotional - Faithgirlz

Hi, Everyone!!! This is a beautifully well-done book. The hardcover is decorative, colorful, some look like foil was done.  This devotional is filled with 60 days of Scripture-based devotions, paired with beautiful illustrations, patterns, and detailed line art that's at the ready for you to make all your own for you to color in your heart's content. The pages are printed on high-quality, thick paper that will not bleed through. When you have completed the devotionals then you will have a colorful book to look back on. You will see how you were inspired each day to color the pages. This book is perfect for girls of the age 8-12 years old.  The book is not in a date format you can choose your page that you color that you read the devotion for that day.  You can have someone come alongside you to color and do the devotional for the day. I love the artwork that is laid out for you to color. I noticed some of the days that there wasn't much writing space to write, but you could also add a notebook for those days and do your own drawing and coloring to have in addition to this devotion.There are passages for strength, courage, hope, forgiveness, comfort, safety, truth, wisdom, beauty, faith, trust, joy, gifts and blessings.  I received this to review.  I did enjoy looking through and reading so many of the devotions and other words for the days. I didn't want to color in it as I have a beautiful girl that I have this in mind for and I look forward to giving it to her. She's so sweet to me. I love looking for her at church each Sunday.

Grace & Peace, 

Tuesday, March 14

Good Evening Everyone!!! Hope Everyone is doing well.  We here are buried deep in snow.  We are being slammed hard. The accumulation by end is 36"+ expected. Those here locally stay warm, stay safe. If you don't have to go out on the roads don't go out.  Know that you have a prayer warrior praying if you must go out.

I hope everyone is having fun crafting with things. I hope to be crafting in full swing soon. I have been down with some medical issues. I am dealing with some back issues currently so sitting in the studio is the challenge. I can design from another room, but not quite up to going in the studio just yet.

We were out for an eye appointment a couple weeks ago. We took a detour to Five Below. I have to say sometimes that store has great things at a reduced price and other times not so much.  While we were there our son decided that he wanted to get a "Water Speaker". I thought how good can this be? Here is a video of the water speaker. The music in the background that you're listening to is Secret Garden Full.

Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.  Again for those of you getting hit by the storm be safe and stay warm.

Grace & Peace,

Sunday, March 12

The Lyons Lifestyle

Greetings Everyone!!! Glad you could stop by. I have been reading this book. When I received this book for review I was hanging on the fence. I have been looking for the truth. You could say that I had choices to make. I could have chosen not to start, or go all the way. I have been on this journey to get healthy. Make better choices for the medical challenges that I and our son faces. I have changed my eating style-watching what I eat and don't eat. Also I had to consider the bone disease I have; Osteogenesis Imperfecta. My body doesn't keep the Vitamin D or the calcium.  I thought this book could help in my medical journey and I could share with our son who also has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I particularly paid attention to chapter fifteen. The Vitamin D Deficiency: What went wrong? I have been told repeatedly get more sun. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after fifteen minutes of sun your body is done absorbing the D from the sun! I am beginning to apply many of these things into our lives. Thanks for stopping by. I will have further updates as I progress through this. 

Wednesday, February 22

Relaxing Wednesday

Hi Everyone!!! I hope that you're having a wonderful day. I have been enjoying my little family.  My husband is busily working in the home and outside the home. He has so many responsibilities; yet he cares for us his family so much! He spent time with our son and myself each individually. I really like that because it gives us the time he looks forward to spending with us.  I said earlier that it was "relaxing Wednesday", yes because I found this music on YouTube; Secret Garden. You'll love it!  It is very relaxing. I enjoy listening to it when I am studying God's Word, reading books, or simply just browsing the net.  I also have it playing while writing posts here on my website.  Here is the one I am currently listening to Secret Garden.

This speaks volumes to me. I have been dealing with some "complications", "hiccups" with my bone disease. These last couple weeks have been quite challenging. I could throw in the towel, but that doesn't do anything. Well, it does actually, it shows my son who has the same bone disease that I am weak. It shows him that I give up when I have told him not to give up. I tell him we need to take our struggles to the Lord in prayer. Sometimes we have to ask friends to step in and agree with us in prayer as well. I have done that this go round because it has been difficult. I have experienced, four cracks in my right ring finger, a fracture at the base of my middle finger (triangular chip off the bone), three cracks in my left elbow. All this without any trauma. I returned to the doctor 10 days later to see how the healing is progressing to find more after receiving x-rays!  While in the splint on my right hand there was a new fresh fracture extending from one side of the ring finger to the other below the first knuckle up from the hand. They x-rayed the left elbow to find there was a separation and fracture now near the growth plate...these both while in the splints. I think to self "How does one fracture while being splinted?" I don't know, don't understand how, but it's happened. I have even spoken with friends of mine with the same bone disease and they have experienced the same.  They are now helping me through this experience. I will be better for it for my son in the long run after if he ever experiences the same.  I also fractured my index finger just writing with a pen on top of these other fractures.  Talk about challenge...that's why with this picture I posted I want to speak about it.
Don't measure the size of the mountain-your challenge-your problem. Don't let this overwhelm you. I must admit I have been overwhelmed with this, but now I am taking stand, standing strong, staying strong with the encouragement of others and the Lord.  I have been in prayer about this with the Lord telling him how helpless, weak I feel in this challenge. Help me to understand how this happens with our bone disease. Help me to meet my son at his challenges. Help me to teach him to stand strong!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Grace & Peace,

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