Wednesday, November 26

NIV Once a day Bible Review

Greetings everyone from a snowy New York!  I received this Bible from BookLookBloggers to review.  The opinions are of my own.  I have really enjoyed this bible.  I look forward to reading daily. I can say that without a doubt that with all that is currently going on in my life this has truly uplifted me. I have read parts that really pertain to the moment of what I am in and help me to be happy and blessed to go on and know that God is there by my side always.  I like the passage of scripture then the reflection on the scripture.
I do have a bible which is dated for reading through in a year I like that this one isn't dated so that whether you pick it up today, tomorrow, next month, next six months you can and still get a great experience in reading through the bible.  Always something new to learn, something new to read.
I wanted to say that I would recommend this to anyone that would like the challenge of reading through their bible in a year.  This is for women, but I know there is another for leaders and a chronological one as well.  This is in the NIV version of the bible; I go back and forth between a couple of versions.  My theory on what version of the bible that one uses is one that is best understanding for them and that it is God's word.  I for example use the NIV, NLT and ESV.  I will however, somemtimes venture into the Amplified when I want some further details.  I find that when I am struggling with things the NLT is the best one to get me back where I need to be.

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, November 19

Male Birthday Card

Hi again!!!! Did ya miss me?? Ok, now for the fun.  I received a phone call shortly after my husband left for work from guess who?  Yes, you guessed it from him. He called me to tell me that it was his bosses birthday. Hubby: "Can you make a card?" Me: "Yes, I can. What kind of card? For who?" Hubby:"For my boss, it's his birthday today."  Me:" Today!!! Are you doing this again??? A last minute card?"  You know I like challenges, but goodness dear - today???"  Hubby: "Yes, today."  Got to love the challenge right?? I know I like challenges.  This is the card.

I cut this using the Cricut Expression 2.  I cut the sentiment circle at 3" and the outer layer at 3.25" The card is 6"x 12" The inner layers are cut according to the previous layers.  I then used the bakers twine for an embellishment and the button as well.  The ribbons that are on the sentiment and behind the layer of the sentiment; I used the cartridge Party Picks and Pennants.  I love that one. It's a simple cartridge but the options that you can use it for are exhaustive for many projects.  Thank you for taking a look.  Appreciate each and every one of  you.

Thank you for stopping by!!!

Grace & Peace,


Hi Everyone!!! I first must apologize for being missing in action for so long.  My family has been through their share of medical challenges.  I must say that even through it all I can say we still thank and praise God for the challenges.  They've made us stronger and closer as a family.  The blessings that we feel from friends and family is even more of a welcome.

We still face the challenges, but we have support of many and many thanks to go around.  Thank you all for your support.  I have a card that I want to share that I made at last minute.  Got to love Pinterest for the ideas to get the spark going.

Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, October 1

NEGU!!! What is that you may ask?

Good morning, Everyone!  I pray that you are having a wonderful start to your day.  I received this book to read and to give my honest review.  I was not requested to give a certain kind of review.  I will say that this book really pulled at many of my heart strings.  I could really relate to this in many ways.  I have to say our story kind of happened in the same way.  I was notified by our school nurse that she had some concerns about our son and how easily he was breaking bones.  I spoke with her. She and I came to the point that we needed to ask our son's physician about how easily he was breaking bones. We asked for a vitamin D level and for a full bone scan.  His physician ordered the full panel and bone scan.  We learned that he has Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Then we had to determine the type he has. He has type one.  Before we could really come to terms with this and determine our plan for treatment we were called to come to the hospital for infusions.  This was very overwhelming.   I must say that the challenges this family faced and those of us with medical challenges like this are grateful for the support of others. Through this journey we had an unexpected turn in the journey to getting the right balance for treatment with our son.  While at his appointment the doctor pointed out that his eyes were blue, not just in color, but the whites were blue.  This is one of the first signs that are listed for Osteogenesis. The fun personality of our son comes through as he says "My Mama's eyes are blue like mine." His doctor looked and sure enough he agreed; suggested that I be tested as well.  I was and I too have Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 1. This journey we are doing together and we have our special time when we have to go for his infusions.  Before I close, please take the time to get this book and enjoy the read.  I will continue by saying we were blessed to receive a joy jar for our son at his treatment. He was very happy with the things inside; it gave him more courage to go through this and to remember Never Ever Give Up!
Grace & Peace,

Wednesday, September 17

God's Weigh!!! Not my Weigh!!!

I was given this book by BookLook to review.  I want to express my opinion through my review.  I really enjoyed this book. I have always wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I have tried other types of methods of getting healthy, but then this book was offered for review.  I thought I'd like the book.  I really did and I like that God tells us what we need to do to maintain our weight. He tells us what to eat and when to eat it.  I knew that this was the book for me to read.  I like the layout in the back of the book for healthy eating and tips given.

I take health very seriously because you never know when it can take a turn and you have to deal with something serious.  I have experienced this in these recent years. I would like to recommend this book to you to read and enjoy.  I learned that through reading this book that I have learned to follow the lead of  the Holy Spirit and focus on Jesus as I eat my meals.  I hope that you take the time to look into this book and take a read.  Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read.

Grace & Peace,

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