Thursday, January 12

A Devotional A Spectacle of Glory God's light shining through me everyday By Joni Eareckson Tada


Greetings everyone!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! I am now that this arrived at my door. My UPS driver knocked then announced that he had a package for me. I was pleasantly surprised. I am also thankful because it is a birthday present to myself. I was hoping it would arrive in time and it did. My birthday is Friday. The devotion I read today to start January 4th; the scripture reference is from Lamentations 3:22,23 in the ESV. I noticed on some of the devotions the scripture at the top was there and if a different version of the Bible was used that version was placed at the end of the scripture reference. I enjoyed that because I found that it applied more for the devotion given for that particular day. When Joni closed the devotion for the day she did with a prayer. I loved reading them and asking the Lord to help me in applying these things in my life where I felt I needed to do so. I am going to continue to read through the devotional then when I am through I will pass to a friend to read through and get it back then when the Lord leads I will pass it to another.

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Thursday, December 29

Eagle Babies

Watch the hatching of the eagles here. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, December 28

NKJV Know the Word Bible


Greetings everyone!!! How is everyone after celebrating Christmas?? We celebrated Christ's birth with a grand illumination.  I will include pictures at the end of this. What better book to have with me for the Christmas Eve service and the Christmas Day service than this one. I was pleased when this one came up for review. I really enjoy studying the word of God. This took a bit to get used to the navigation, but when I did I found it to be a great tool. I enjoyed the book to book study. I also like the links within the books and chapters when there is something that needs expression. Further study; I love when a Bible has so many features to it to help you dig into the Word of God. I caught myself chasing this scripture to follow this link to this one to the next. I was soon into something that I needed from the Lord to help me through something in my life. I would recommend this Bible for study and also to add to the library on your shelf. I have mine in ebook form because I can't always pick up heavy things. Bibles I know aren't heavy, but when you have brittle bones you have to make some choices you may not always enjoy. 

Sunday, December 18

Surprise Gift

Surprise gifts that come in the mail totally unexpected.  A great blessing to share with family and friends that visit. I saw this box and it said a gift from "Mom"....hmmm, that sent me on a chase.  You thought first oh that's simple it's from your Mom silly!!! No, it wasn't especially when my Mom said what's "The Swiss Colony"? I reminded her and she said no, the package is not from me.  I thought again, maybe from my dear friend at church who I call Mom and Silly Gramma when my son is near, not from her either.  Then I had inboxed a dear friend on Facebook and said "Swiss Colony, yummm!!!!!!" My dear friend back said "I hope you enjoy your gift."  Oh, I am enjoying it along with my family and friends.

How is everyone doing with getting ready for Christmas??? Does everyone have their shopping done???? We have a couple more things to get done...yes I like to make gifts for friends and family.  I am getting them done then I need to get on to the boards at church.

Grace & Peace,

Day of Infusions

Greetings Everyone! Hope you're having a great day! Friday was a bit rough. I went to my Endocrinologist for my Osteogenesis Imperfecta. I needed to see where my levels were at to know our medication regime.  They took 6 vials. They did a lesser infusion, but the side effects were still a bit rough. Today being Sunday I am still experiencing bone pain. The nausea has settled quite a bit thankfully.
I am to begin a daily injection with a new medication to build my bones. This will continue for two years. I was warned of the side effects with this medication. After which I will receive another medication to sustain the gains from the daily injections. I then will begin another series of infusions.

The daily injection potential risk of Osteosarcoma, possible bone cancer. The medication is Forteo. I have been talking with some of my friends who also have the rare disease that my son and I both have. They have been encouraging me and also telling me how they reacted and responded to the injections.

The little girl in the picture with me has been such a blessing.  She's such a sweetheart.  She's very special to me.

Grace & Peace,

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