Wednesday, September 17

God's Weigh!!! Not my Weigh!!!

I was given this book by BookLook to review.  I want to express my opinion through my review.  I really enjoyed this book. I have always wanted to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I have tried other types of methods of getting healthy, but then this book was offered for review.  I thought I'd like the book.  I really did and I like that God tells us what we need to do to maintain our weight. He tells us what to eat and when to eat it.  I knew that this was the book for me to read.  I like the layout in the back of the book for healthy eating and tips given.

I take health very seriously because you never know when it can take a turn and you have to deal with something serious.  I have experienced this in these recent years. I would like to recommend this book to you to read and enjoy.  I learned that through reading this book that I have learned to follow the lead of  the Holy Spirit and focus on Jesus as I eat my meals.  I hope that you take the time to look into this book and take a read.  Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read.

Grace & Peace,

Thursday, July 17

New Spirit-Filled Life Bible Review

 Hi Everyone!!!! Hope you all are having a wonderful day.  I have been having a great morning with my family.
 I have been given the opportunity to review this Bible. We as a family love to read.  We love to read the Bible together.  When this came available I had to get it. Then the little bonuses throughout the Bible was even better.  Our son loves to read.  He really loved it when a box would appear on the page.  He was so excited to be the one to read them.  I find we use this Bible more when we are home.  I do take it to church  with me as well.  I found this to be a great tool for study and for general reading.  I found that the features contained within the Bible work together for your enjoyment while reading.  I have recommended this Bible to friends of mine.

I hope you too will check this Bible out and read with family and friends as well.  I have been able to find this in our local Christian book store as well as online too.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to get my hands on this Bible. I am always looking for a new book to read.  I especially love it when a Bible comes available.  I have passed some on and others I have kept in my collection to read when I want or study with as I want. Happy Reading!!!
Grace & Peace,

Sunday, June 1

Featured Author!!! Judi!!!! Congratulations, Judi!

It is Well with My Soul

 Good Sunday Afternoon to you!!! Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend.  I have been enjoying family time and time with friends.  I would like to introduce you all as my readers to Judi.  She is a great person a wonderful woman of God.  She has a big heart and love for her friends and family.  I know she would be blessed for you to receive and read a copy of her book.  I have had the privilege to speak with her about the book and she had so much to say about it.  I couldn't wait to get my copy and read it for myself.

I must say that I have been blessed in so many ways after reading this book.  I was reading the other day and read something that struck me to think about the friendships that I have and to be a bit more aware about them.  I had one with someone that if something came up I would contact them, then talk to them.  Later I would hear things and or things I said would be used against me when I was only talking to them to get through what was going on.  I didn't appreciate this in this person to use what I said in confidence to come back at me to be used against me or for them to use partially what I said and not hear the rest and still use it against me.  This friendship I have since ended.  There was another one that I found that these same things were coming into play.  The person would only half listen to what I said then make accusations and tell me how I am feeling and what I am saying.  I would be saying something totally unrelated to what they were accusing me of.  I found a very similar story in the book written by Judi.  In which she gives this bit of advice to think about as you engage in your friendships so you don't have to endure some of the things I have had to endure in some of my friendships.  Here is a quote from her book "..If you notice, you are the initiator of the contact with this "friend." Once they establish themselves as a listener, they have ensnared you... and you go to them; you seek them out for your next "fix." If you can commit to severing this contact (or test it for a few weeks) you will notice many aspects of your life improve; your work environment, other relationships, your financial decisions, your communication with others, your love relationship/marriage."   I gave you this part because I noticed when these "friends/contacts" were part of my life I found that my marriage was effected by these because it would cause "intense fellowship"(arguments )between myself and my husband when we weren't having "intense fellowship." I found our relationship was strained when these "friends/contacts" were part of my life; when I made changes things in our relationship became peaceful and settled.  I was thankful and glad that I had the insight to see this.

I do want to say that the book has been a joy to read.  It is written on a very personal level almost bordering on a "how to" how you say??? Well, in the aspect of discovering how God can change our mindset, our attitude and our approach to situations in our lives.  I do know through my personal relationship with God I have a different perspective on things in my life. The challenges that I face daily just in myself and with our special needs child.  I love the challenges and I love the peace that God can only give.

I encourage you to get a copy of this book you will be blessed greatly in reading it.  This is not a chapter book like other books.  There is a subject that is presented and it is written within two to three pages then you are on to the next subject.  I highly recommend this book.   I want to thank the author, Judi for allowing me to present her as a Featured Author on my website.  Judi, I thank you! May you be blessed with your book. I look forward to your next and I will be sure to feature you again if you will allow me to.

For you my readers I will be making a page for Judi where you can get a copy of her book from here. I will link  you over to where her book is being sold.  If you have questions for Judi, you may use my contact page and I will direct these to Judi.  Thank you again for stopping by!  May you have a great week ahead!!! Happy Crafting everyone!!!!!

*****If you would like to purchase a copy of the book, please click on the picture of the book.  Thank you so much!*****

Grace & Peace,


Friday, May 16

Birthday Invitations Finished!!! YEAH!!!!

 Hi Everyone!!! Hope you are all well.  I am looking forward to my weekend.  I have many things planned.  I got these invitations made and handed out.  I have some that have to be mailed because people are away. 
I used several different cartridges, but boy am I glad that I have my Cricut Craft Room available to me.  I love all that I can do in there.  I have been taking 3D Art Classes as well. I am happy when I am designing.  I feel free, that I can make whatever my heart desires.  I hope to take what I can from my 3D Art Class to the Cricut Craft Room as well.

Grace & Peace,

Friday, May 2

Book Review: Hebrews: It's Not How You Start - It's How you Finish

 Book Description:
With Dr. Kathy Stewart by your side, explore concepts from the New Testament like Melchizedek’s significance to the doctrine of the Hebrews, the Ebionites as the potential original recipients of the epistle, a possible interpretation of the controversial warning in Hebrews 6:4-8, the significance of Jesus sitting at God’s right hand and how the doctrinal truths of the book apply to believers’ struggles with everyday trials. Grow in your faith and resolve to persevere to the end with this new book.

Hi Everyone!!! Hope you're having a wonderful day.  I have been going through this study guide over the last couple weeks.  I have been busy with family things, but I wanted to do this study on Hebrews. Hebrews has always been a book of the Bible that has intrigued me; one that I've wanted to do an in depth study on.  When I saw this I just had to jump in to study.  I was excited to start the study. I got right in to the study with notebook, Bible and cup of coffee at my side. I found after doing this that it would be great as a group study.  I wouldn't mind doing a study at my home with friends, family and some church family.
I found that the author, Dr. Kathy Stewart was insightful and intelligent in how she presented the book of Hebrews. If you are looking to increase your depth of knowledge on the book of Hebrews then I highly recommend this study for you.  If you are wanting a book for a study group then this would be perfect for your or even for a Sunday School study.  I enjoyed using my Kindle for the study because I was able to use the highlighter feature as well as making notes to keep there that I would be able to refer back to. 
I received an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Grace & Peace,

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