Monday, June 6

Warrior Wife Book Review

Good morning everyone! Hope you're having a good start to your day. I have been given Warrior Wife to review. This one brought back so many memories for me as I am a NAVY wife. As I was reading this book there was a lot of good advice contained within the pages. I wish I had opportunity to read this early in the days of deployment. I found these difficult times as I was in another state from friends and family. I had new friends to make and they would become my family away from my family where I am from. I had one motto if you will with my husband it is this. Stand firm to the battle waged against you. Together as a couple, you need to support each other. No matter the challenges you both face standing firm with one another will give you the strength you need to get through the deployments. The toughest deployment for us was when my husband was called to war. The fear that tears through you as you say your goodbyes; ours were see you soon. The scary times of when the flag comes to your door. I had the flag come to my door twice; no it wasn't for my husband,but it was because someone wanted to do harm. These were some of the things we faced, others didn't know. I found this book a good read, hope you take to!e to read it yourself. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, June 4

Unstuffed Book Review

When I first received this book as a review I thought it was something more,but I was wrong. I know we all like to collect things throughout our lives. It is when someone says our home looks cluttered or we ourselves notice it that we now need to take action. I know myself we have too much in our home. We didn't at first, but then when family members started passing away we were given many things. I have to say some were needed like our refrigerator, freezer, needed dressers, beds etc. The other things were more of sentimental. When we do clear things out like this or we pack things away and rotate things out; it can feel fresh. Sometimes that's all we need with a room or two in our home, feeling of freshness. The book also talked about unstuffing our minds and lives. I feel this is a big thing for every one because the more we clutter our minds and lives with things we cannot be focused. Some relationships we are involved in can be very toxic to us. A relationship with family members or friends can be good and other relationships can be toxic in that if one is disrespecting you and you just take it and cannot wait to get away from that person. When you learn to call out the person in a loving, non attacking way, threatening way the person receives your words, listens and will respect you in what you say when you tell them how you felt when they did it to you. Overall, I am glad that I had the opportunity to review this book. Thank you for stopping back. 

Tuesday, March 29

When Life Knocks You Down Get Back Up!

Hi Again everyone, I told you I would be updating the site. I don't know how many of you are aware of the medical battle that I have been fighting for the last nine years. I have an umbilical hernia and a lesion near my belly button. I also have a tear in the upper quadrant of my abdomen as well as a bone mass. There are also some ribs displacing themselves. I have been experiencing debilitating pain. Yes, the doctors have given me a gamut of medications as well as the many times of "Sorry I can't help you." "I have nothing for you. I can't help you, I don't know how to handle your Osteogenesis Imperfecta ".  Yes, while these were, are things that no one wants to hear especially when it is dragging on and on. You want relief, you want to take care of your family, but now your family is taking care of you.  My son is almost a teenager how do you think I feel that this has been keeping me from being the Mom I should be? I cannot tell you that it has been easy because it's not.  

However, I will say this that even as debilitating this pain has been I will not let it take me down. The pain does knock me down, but I get right back up and fight harder to get the results and answers we seek.  I have been in the word and been praying. I also have several friends and family members praying as well. I feel that the direction we're going now will bring us to the finish line that we've been trying to get to. When we get there when the doctors say I can begin training I will be training hard so that my Osteogenesis Imperfecta doctor and I can set up an official 5k to raise awareness for the bone disease that my son and I have. We will continue to do the 5k's and more to raise awareness! Join us, we will let you know when the date is.
Thank you for stopping by!

Site changes coming!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone! Sorry for not posting more like I used to. I will be posting more and adding more crafts, projects and things along with updates for you to see ask about. I will be designing some cut files as well.  I have been having fun making many things. Have a wonderful evening.

Grace & Peace,

Monday, March 21

NKJV Apply the word study Bible Review

This Bible was presented to me to review. I thought at first another Bible, bjht the more I got into this one there were lots of nuggets to dig further into the word. I liked the maps in the back. They really help to put things in perspective of location where everyone was, or was going to reach people for Christ. I did however find that this was a little difficult to navigate when I was at church. I quickly decided that it was more of when I was home doing my daily reading. I did choose this as well being that it is digital for when I go to camp as the Internet connections are always faltering. You cannot depend on the connection. Having the Bible this way you don't have to depend on the connection. I would recommend that this be an added resource to your personal library. Thanks for stopping by.



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