Thursday, August 11

Weight Watchers Meeting

Greetings Everyone!!!! Today is my weigh in day. I wasn't feeling confident that I had lost this week as I was on vacation. I went anyway-as I approached the scale I thought why am I here??? I couldn't have lost anything. Very much to my surprise the scale was on my side, hehe. The scale showed that I had a -2.2 loss!! I will take that!! We talked about optimism and being optimistic in what we do and how we look at things. Here is a picture my leader her sense of humor 😄. 
This just made me laugh. Enjoy!! 

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Thursday, July 14

Minecrafters Bible Review

This Bible came today!! My son grabbed up soon as I got it out of the box. We have been reading it together. He took notice of the instructions. The instructions said to read the following verses then build what you have read.  I also noticed in the beginning the Bible instructed the children in how to use the Bible. Telling the children that the Bible is set by Books, chapters and verses. Helping the children in locating the books or verses they are looking for. I feel this makes the Bible less intimidating to children. I think this will be a fun Bible to go through with your children. I may be a rare parent to play Minecraft with my child, but him being an only child I enjoy the memories we make together. We are building our Bible world from what we have read so far. The one where Jesus walks on water I look forward to what my son has planned for that one. The others would be where he takes up his cross, the Lord's supper, when He's born. He's talked about the 23rd Psalm and the Shepherds-this he said will be fun. I enjoy the reading we do together, but this just takes it to another level. I would recommend this to anyone with children who love Minecraft. Thanks for reading. 

Saturday, July 2

American Woman's Bible NKJV Review

Good Morning everyone! Thank you for stopping by. 
I want to take the time to tell you how much I like this bible. I found many of the photos to be nicely done with caption of the ones in the photo as well as information we may have not known. I also enjoyed reading the quotes throughout the bible. There was one of the many that caught my attention. This one by Corrie Ten Boom was one. “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you.” – Corrie ten Boom. The pictures were great. I found the bible to be very inspirational. Encouraging in many of the quotes given by ones given opportunity to be a part of the process of putting this Bible together. I liked the introduction at the beginning of the books and the inspire parts as well. It allowed us to look into the lives of others and see how God affected their lives. I can say He has impacted my life greatly. Recently I had two surgeries the same day. This was for something that we have been trying to figure out for ten years! The doctor was two months booked; received call two days after appointment with date. I didn't call to see if I could have it sooner, husband didn't, my other doctor didn't. God did it. The excruciating pain and the problem that caused the pain gone. I would recommend getting this bible for yourself or for someone you care deeply for. Thank you for stopping by. 


Monday, June 6

Warrior Wife Book Review

Good morning everyone! Hope you're having a good start to your day. I have been given Warrior Wife to review. This one brought back so many memories for me as I am a NAVY wife. As I was reading this book there was a lot of good advice contained within the pages. I wish I had opportunity to read this early in the days of deployment. I found these difficult times as I was in another state from friends and family. I had new friends to make and they would become my family away from my family where I am from. I had one motto if you will with my husband it is this. Stand firm to the battle waged against you. Together as a couple, you need to support each other. No matter the challenges you both face standing firm with one another will give you the strength you need to get through the deployments. The toughest deployment for us was when my husband was called to war. The fear that tears through you as you say your goodbyes; ours were see you soon. The scary times of when the flag comes to your door. I had the flag come to my door twice; no it wasn't for my husband,but it was because someone wanted to do harm. These were some of the things we faced, others didn't know. I found this book a good read, hope you take to!e to read it yourself. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, June 4

Unstuffed Book Review

When I first received this book as a review I thought it was something more,but I was wrong. I know we all like to collect things throughout our lives. It is when someone says our home looks cluttered or we ourselves notice it that we now need to take action. I know myself we have too much in our home. We didn't at first, but then when family members started passing away we were given many things. I have to say some were needed like our refrigerator, freezer, needed dressers, beds etc. The other things were more of sentimental. When we do clear things out like this or we pack things away and rotate things out; it can feel fresh. Sometimes that's all we need with a room or two in our home, feeling of freshness. The book also talked about unstuffing our minds and lives. I feel this is a big thing for every one because the more we clutter our minds and lives with things we cannot be focused. Some relationships we are involved in can be very toxic to us. A relationship with family members or friends can be good and other relationships can be toxic in that if one is disrespecting you and you just take it and cannot wait to get away from that person. When you learn to call out the person in a loving, non attacking way, threatening way the person receives your words, listens and will respect you in what you say when you tell them how you felt when they did it to you. Overall, I am glad that I had the opportunity to review this book. Thank you for stopping back. 

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