Friday, October 9

The Real House of God -- Book Review

This book as I was given the opportunity to review it; I thought it was going to be a very different book.  I thought it was going to be descriptive of Heaven. God's house; I was so ready to jump in.  I then opened the book and found that I was about to have a very different experience.  This was not on Heaven in the way I was thinking. Don't get me wrong, the author does talk about Heaven. This was on God's vessels, us, me. I was about to learn all that God designed me to be as His vessel.  God doesn't leave us with out tools to protect against the enemy.  He provides us with His armor.  We are to dress ourselves in the armor then activate it with prayer. We are to pray strategically.

Praise is designed to remind you of the full extent of who God is so your perspective of everything in your life changes. When you praise God, you are reminded that He is the most powerful Being, the Creator and ruler of the whole universe, the one who is present everywhere, and yet spends intimate time with you, who is all-knowing and all wise and yet your most ardent lover and best friend. You are reminded that He is your divine healer, your divine lover, and your most vigilant defender.  I would highly recommend this book, but know that you have to have your full attention on the book.  Keep distractions to a minimum. 

Saturday, September 26

Anything Book Review

I was presented with this book to review. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this one then when I started reading I found this book applied to so many aspects of what I was dealing with. This one part in particular caught my attention right away.. "God is saying, I am God! I know what I am doing. I know this feels excruciating, but I am about something here, and I am asking you to trust the one who tells the ocean to stop and the sun when to launch. There is no escaping it. He is God, and if our suffering brings him the most glory, let it be." As the book says easy to preach, difficult to live. I found in reading this book that there are many events in our lives that are difficult, trials, challenges that we have to walk. We can choose to do it alone, do it with me and family, do it with God.  I choose to do it with God, family and friends.  The hardest part comes when you have to thank God for the good and the bad, because really you don't know the difference. Through all of the challenges God builds our lives whether we give him permission or not.

If we believe the Bible, we must believe that the heart of our unpredictable, sovereign God is good, that he sees us and is for us, even though he allows this pain.  Not until Heaven will we know. The challenge for me is that my faith must remain greater than my pain and my fears through this challenge.

Wednesday, July 1

Good Morning!!!

I'm reading 1 Corinthians 12:26 via @Logos

Tuesday, June 30

Grow Big in God

Greetings! I decided that I would review this book as I thought it may be a good tool for a new Christian. I thought that I could pick up a couple copies and have in my library as a resource. Another point from this book was that it was a refreshing read for me. I say this because I knew the things that I should be doing, should know be there already. While reading this brought points to my mind to consider how I have been and if improvement (maybe wrong wording, but you get my point) be made. Another that I have been thinking about is Discipleship. Discipleship is about growing deep and long and high and wide in the Lord. Discipleship is about being filled with and controlled by the Holy Spirit. It is about expressing the fullness of His love to everyone you come into contact with.  I have been studying on this because it has been a subject that I desired more of a knowledge for.  I hope you take the time to get a copy of this book and read it as I have. I was not told how to write my review, I am thankful for the copy I received. I will be sharing this book with others. Thank you.

Saturday, June 27

Happy Weekend!!

Greetings Everyone!!! I apologize for not being on here more often, BUT I am happy to announce that I have some news for all of you that have been following the medical challenges. I recently had some chest surgery. We had thought that I was dealing with a hernia or something along those lines, but we found that there's a bone mass, several fractures in the cartilage and a torn area. I must say that I am not upset about the news we have, because we are receiving answers as well as better direction. I know that I have the Lord to thank for this development.  I hope that we receive further direction at the next appointment coming up soon! I will be sure to update further then.

I have some crafts that I have been designing, finishing up. I hope to have them posted soon.

Thanks for being so understanding!

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