Sunday, April 20


My husband saw me makin' this card and that a frog catchin' butterflies or flutterbies? He picks on me whenever he gets the chance. Hey, gotta give him credit he's been doing this since high school as we were high school sweethearts. He picks on me about the "flutterbies" because as a child whenever I saw a butterfly I would always yell out "flutterby". I don't know how I came up with that, but that's what I've called them and it's funny to hear our son say it once in a while, but he has a name all his own for them too...he calls them "butterbies". I guess we all have our own names for them. Frog File Here

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  1. How Cute!! Love this card and I have two Grandsons who love frogs also. Thanks for sharing your cut file.


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