Friday, July 4

Ok now I know this is off topic, but who's going to say anything rofll it's my site. Hubby started it I have to blame him for this one. He got me watchin' the show, but I wanted to be creating cards. He got me watching one then next thing I know it's a marathon of NCIS - who knew. Now I'm creating and watching .... well, think more watching than I said it's his fault for getting me started. He knows how much I like the show, but then he's just as hooked as I am. Oh, Ducky if you're reading this I know you're falling outta your chair by now because you watch it too. I have a feeling comments will be coming from you soon enough. LOL

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  1. yes i like ncis lots too. of course, i also follow all the csi's and law&order. maybe i'll come up with some embroidery ideas for them...



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