Saturday, August 23

Baby Girl Dress Card

I saw a card similar to this on the messageboards, but one don't remember who to give credit to for this. If someone or if I find who did the file I will give credit where credit is due. I remember that in the file I think mini monograms was used and I don't have that cartridge so I used a different one. I also made a cut file of this because as I mentioned I didn't have the mini monograms cartridge and also for whatever reason design studio wouldn't let me cut it. I had to guess and make the file from memory or least on own because I had to delete the file. Here's my file for it if anyone wants it. Baby Girl Dress Cut File.


  1. This Is so cute! I love your blog I just spent an hour reading it and looking at all your lovely creations and what a gorgeous little boy Robbie is!

    Julie H from cricut MBxx

  2. Love love love! Your cards, your blog--are AWESOME!! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent. I come to this blog for inspiration and NEVER leave empty handed!

    --Gracie at

  3. What a cute little card

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