Sunday, October 26

BBTB Contest ... Christmas Family Countdown

Christmas Family Countdown. That's what I'm calling this one, because behind each number is an activity the family does together before Christmas with the 24th being that we read the Christmas Story before going to bed. Then as tradition follows the next morning we read it again before we open our gifts to remind us of the meaning of Christmas. This was a tradition we started as a family and my husband and I did this before our son was born and now that he's here we do this as a family and he'll carry the tradition to his family when he's grown. I also want to add that I used Plantin Schoolbook for the circle and George for the top of the ornament. I used Design Studio to create the ornament.


  1. Leah
    This is wonderful what a great idea! Good luck in the contest


  2. This is fab, great story behind it too. Good luck in the contest. T x


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