Sunday, November 16

Just A Chillin'!

I have been playing in design studio since I couldn't get on the internet with the virus that was in my computer so now I'll have to post the ones that I've come up with. This one is cute I really like this one. My polar bear is layin' on a block of ice just chillin' Thought he was cute. Hubby said he's going to hide the pictures from me because I'll jsut keep creating things and he won't have any time with me. He's too cute...he says that after 20 years of marriage I better be able to figure you out. I said dear it's 19....he said yea but will be 20 in March. He's too cute....gotta love him he's my high school sweetie!!!


  1. This is just tooooo cute!

  2. super cute Polar Bear Leah!!!
    hubby hasn't got me figured out yet and we're a week away from our 19th anniversary. (How hard can it be??)


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