Tuesday, June 1

Tribute to my Sailor

My Knight in Shining Armor, My Sailor

Who knew that my knight in armor
Would be my U.S. NAVY Sailor.
All the love and devotion I could give him
Would never repay him for all he’s done
For his country and me.
I couldn’t have the freedom
I have if it wasn’t done
The defense for his country and me.

I give all of me for him;
I stand by him, live for him;
Put my life on the line for him
Never will it end
Our love has no end
So at night when I see red skies
I take delight
Red skies in the morning sky
I take warning
In delight and warning
My love will never stray
For the love of my Sailor
The support I give
My flag will always wave
For a veteran, our troops and my Sailor.

©Leah Pagliaroli, June 1, 2010

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