Monday, February 14

What a Special Treat this is!!! LOOOK!!!

My son just came in with all his treats from school.  I'm so glad that he had a wonderful day considering he had a rough weekend not feeling well and all.  Today he seems on fire and ready for action LOL.  Hmmm, what fun therapy stuff can I do with him?? No, I'll just let him relax and play.

I sorted his cards and things out for him.  He was soo excited to get great gifts from everyone! Thank you everyone!!!! I then came across some papers in his pack and look what I found...he really knows how to melt my heart!!!  Awwwww!!!!!


Have a Happy Cricut Day,


  1. What a wonderful valentine for you, Leah! Have a grace-filled day! Hugs to yoou--Karelj

  2. I love the special valentine you got from your son! Special gifts from the heart are the best!

    I came from Karel's blog and wanted to say congratulations on becoming a member of her design team. Your cards on her blog are great! Love the little piggies!

  3. Oh My gosh, that is so cute! That's the best Valentine there is!


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