About Me

I am a Stay At Home Mom of a wonderful Special Needs little boy. Our son just melts our hearts; he's so loving, caring and so full of compassion. I'm so glad he's ours. We had a very long wait for him. We tried 14 long years with no intervention from the doctor's to an adventure of a pregnancy. We endured many complications along the way from an abruption to which they said "This is something that we don't like to see; there's nothing you can do, nor is there anything we can do ~ what will happen will happen. You need to go home, plan the funeral."  I went home and put myself to bed ~ 5 1/2 long mos. Where I endured the abruption with 4 1/2 mos of bleeding to preeclampsia, to placenta previa to gestational diabetes (only because number was off by 1 or 2) then to abrupt during delivery which came two months early.  They used 4 vacuum's, 2 forceps and discovered the cord around our son's neck two times and was very tight.  He has challenges daily from his Sensory Integration Dysfunction, Dyspraxia, and Hypotonia. I wouldn't change anything about our adventure because he's my inspiration. We meet these challenges daily, have fun and run with it.  We find how we can best help him deal with his day and conquer it!!!  In him I find many ideas and things that I can put out into the crafting world. He and I are always making something together.  I love it!!!

I'm married to my High School Sweetie, My NAVY Sailor Man --hehe I love that just missing the "toot - toot" ~ I love being with him everyday of my life.  We celebrate 28 years this year.  WOW has it been that already?? Then when I think of how long it's been since we met we are now in our 35th year of knowing one another.  I am a published writer of children's books.  I also am a lover of writing poetry.
 Thank you for checking me out.  Look forward to getting to know you.

Have a Happy Cricut Day,


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