Friday, July 3

Bendy Card Funny Card

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 This card was a spin off of a card that was made by Melody Lane. I just had to do this considering a dear friend of mine loves bacon and I had to incorporate that in this card. This card I started to cut before I left for the hospital for a heart catheterization. I never saw that coming nor did I see the heart attack during a heart catheterization two weeks ago either. I must say that God has been with me throughout this entire heart journey. This began in August of 2019, it hasn't been easy, but with Him there it's made it better. He has brought many medical staff and people to me to help me through this and encourage me through it all.

Grace & Peace,

Butterfly Boxes

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I saw these and decided that I must make them. I love the butterflies and how they pop off the boxes. I made one for a special sweet 16 year old because she like me has a love for butterflies. I was honored to make it for her. She chose the box in the front. The box is 3"H x 2.75" W x 2.75" D. It is a great box for a small gift to give someone, also a great box as a favor box. 

Supply List :

Butterfly Favor Box

1 Sheet of 12x12 Cardstock 
1 Sheet of 8.5x11 White Cardstock
1 Sheet of 8.5x11 Pearlescent Paper
Rhinestones or other embelleshments
Ink and Stamp if you choose
Pop Dots

Grace & Peace,

Saturday, May 23

I have an Update and a Challenge for you all...

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Good Evening Everyone! I am back again. I have more information from Dawn. I hope you're excited because I am excited too!! I am going to try some of her great products that I have been hearing how great they taste. I will write a review here too for you all to read. I hope it encourages you to take a step out to get healthy in these uncertain times. 

I will now tell you about the challenge... Let's help Dawn to get off to a good start in her business. Let's show her some love in orders by the 27th of this month. I know we can do this!!!! I will be getting some things from Dawn to get this ball rolling!!! ⛹ Let's get healthy!!! There is also a 10-day drink ketones challenge. You can find that information here ⇛10-Day Drink Ketones Challenge

Allow me to help you with some links to get some of Dawn's products and ways of getting in contact with her. Click here and you will be directed to her page. Dawn also has a group, Facebook Page, to get in contact with Dawn there follow this link here ⇛Low Carb Dream with Dawn

Here is a little sneak peek of some of the things that Dawn has available. This one drink that has the "Kreme" on top, oh she tortures me with this I so want to grab it through the screen! How yummy is that!!!

Thank you for stopping by! Any questions, please shoot me a message. Also, let Dawn know that Leah P. sent you over for some yummy's for health. Thanks again!!!! 

Grace & Peace,

I want to share some exiting information with you... this could even turn into an opportunity for you!

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I want to get an opportunity and open this up to my friend Dawn. She and I met some time back and kind of lost connection and God brought us back together and now Dawn is holding charge of her life and giving the opportunity to others to get themselves healthier. 

It has been 7 months since I started my journey into better health! I am down 54.4 lbs! My fibromyalgia pain is basically non-existent! I was skeptical about ketones in the beginning but hit a stall and figured, why not?? Let me tell you, they have changed my life!!! I now have

✴ Mental Clarity
✴Better Sleep 
✴More Energy
✴Better Mood 
✴Fat Burning 

I have trial packs available

Thanks for stopping by everyone! Hope to hear from you please leave a comment below. If you reach out to Dawn please let her know that Leah P. sent you over. Thanks, everyone!!!! 

Grace & Peace,

I have so much to catch up on!!!

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I am so sad that I have left y'all in a lurch. I have been missing in action for a long time now. I have been away from crafting and some reading of books due to some heart issues. I have been working on becoming healthy and able to write again here. I'm missing you all. 

In August of 2019 I was rushed from my family by our Advanced Emergency Ambulance Service. I felt different, more different than I have ever felt. I was weaker, I was short of breath, I didn't have energy, my coloring was all off, I wasn't my normal bubbly self. My doctors gratefully caught that I was not on top of my game as usual. The doctors knew me to be quick and usually joking when I'd visit them even if I were there for an injury. I tried to maintain a light spirit about me in spite of the injuries. 

I was taken to our local hospital here and was told that a heart catheterization was needed. I was scared. My family was scared. Who knew within the following two weeks I'd have another heart catheterization. I will write more when I can, but for now, I will let you go. 

Grace & Peace,

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