Thursday, April 10

Posted by Leah
My Biking Buddy, My Pal!
An Uncle with so much to give
A friend, a pal, a biking buddy
He sure knew how to make me happy
He'd call say "Let's go for a ride"
I'd say sure where we going?
I didn't always know,
but he had a plan up his sleeve.
He did always enjoy riding,
I did too for I was with my biking buddy!
He always knew how to make me smile
we rode mile after mile
the time just flew by.
I had to give him a scare sometime
That one fall day came
the time was right for scaring
He didn't mind, he was loving and caring.
A pile of leaves was the perfect place
out of the leaves I came,
the look on his face was priceless.
That didn't matter because
we were great buddies!
I will never forget you my biking buddy!
I love you Uncle Sonny,
I will carry you in my heart always and forever!
Love your niece,
This was written for him and placed with him when he passed. He was a very special uncle to me. I had a very difficult time and still do since he passed March 3, 2008. I gave a copy of the poem to my Great Aunt - she said she'll cherish it and read it daily. She said you hit it right on about the two of you. I wanted to post this, but like I said it's been difficult because he and I were so close. Thank you for looking.

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