Sunday, April 20

Sad Note

Posted by Leah
I really don't want to bring bad news, but I just got word this morning that a teacher in my son's class lost her baby (she was 16wks along). We love her and she's been a blessing to us and our son. She's done so much for us and so very helpful. I had made her a nice baby card and a gift, but hadn't had the chance to get it to her yet. Then when I found this out I didn't want to still give it to her and upset her. I know how upset she must be. I want to make her a card and help her to feel better even though I know right now the pain being so fresh and deep -- words won't take that away. I want her to know that she's in our thoughts and prayers at this time. I also want to let her know how much of a blessing she's been to both our son and myself.

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