Saturday, April 12

Posted by Leah

This card I made for a special friend of ours. We have an interesting friendship. We met online in a Christian Chat Room. I met my friend's soon to be wife at the time first. We became good friends, then met in person. I was a bit nervous, but isn't everyone. After meeting her and being told that she was not easy to get to know or talk to. I was told either she'll like you or she won't and if she doesn't she won't talk to you. Well, my soon to be best friend was very upset by this. I had told her that I don't make judgements of people I meet by hearsay. I make my own opinion of the person for how they treat me, talk to me ....etc. I don't listen to what others say, but if there's a word of caution I will listen. As I said we became best friends in a very short time and we've been that way since. Also I met my best friend's soon to be hubby. I found him to be a very funny man, but yet with the sweetest gentle heart. He was very caring. I knew she had the right man. How they met was really cute too. Anyway, he's a goofy fan and loves everything to do with goofy. His birthday is coming up so I wanted to make him a special card for his birthday. Goofy cut file.

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