Wednesday, April 2

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This is a book that I made for my Father In Law. He's a great man of GOD. He was diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting a great battle, but he's kept the Faith and been Strong in the LORD! The LORD is his Strength! I wanted to make this for him as he's restored 34 Ford. He has a great love for the LORD, family and friends, cars and many other things. He loved to camp also. They had to recently sell their camper. I know he's touched my life in many ways and I am ever grateful for that. We as a family are planning a trip to the Henry Ford Car Museum; it's a wish of my Father In Law's. Financially I don't know how we'll pull it off, but I want to be able to do this for him. He had a difficult decision to make this week - whether to take a different treatment or not. He was advised by the doctor's it wasn't in his best interest and that it would prolong him to live only six weeks. That is why he wanted to do this with the family and he wants to do the trip soon. I know if something happens to him he'll be in Heaven. I'll be sad, because I'll miss him just like I still miss my Grandmother who passed just last year. My Uncle just passed before Easter - that was very difficult for me because we were so close. You saw him turn your head because I'm around there somewhere generally. It was also difficult for me because for several years I had him and my Aunt who now has cancer in her eye for Easter Supper. Hope you enjoy the book - the idea came from a good designer - her link is here at Susan Bluerobot . If you'd like here's the cut file. Car Book

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