Monday, April 14

Posted by Leah
Today has been a busy day. My son has the week off from school so he's been busy asking me to cut for him. He's been helping with his cake for his 4th birthday. He really likes to get involved in the planning. I like to include him because I feel that it makes the party more fun for him. Today we've cut several things and he's helping me to put the final touches on the 18th birthday card for a cousin of ours. I remember the day she was born and watching her grow over the years she's become a beautiful young woman.
We had a very nice weekend we had a birthday party for another cousin who turned 1. His picture is on here if you look to the card with the dragon of look who's turning one - that's Seth. He's gotten so big! Wow! We also got to see our Father-In-Law. We had a good visit. He's hanging in there for the ones that are praying for our family. Things are tough emotionally, but we're getting through with help of prayers. Thank you so much.
I will be trying to post more cards here as I get time. I may have a few minutes now that the lil man is down for his nap *hopes he'll have a nice long one....hehe.

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