Thursday, May 1

Our Family Trip - Henry Ford Museum

Posted by Leah

Our family had a mission to accomplish; we were to all go on a family trip together with my Mother and Father In Law. My Father In Law has cancer and his wish was that we all go on a family trip together to a special place for him and that was the Henry Ford Museum. Finanically it was a struggle for my husband I to go, but we managed to pull it off. One concern for us was our son, because he doesn't travel well in the car sometimes. We didn't run into any problem there thank goodness. He was very good in the car and for just being potty trained he did even better than we expected. There was a few times that he would have used his pull up but he refused. We were very proud of him. Although now after being back we have discovered that he's really off. He's not himself; we're not sure what's wrong there so we're going to get him to his doctor. We also went to Greenfield village while we were there. We found that very interesting to see how people lived in the time of Henry Ford. Our son had a plesant surprise that Thomas The Tank Engine was there. He's been a fan of Thomas since he was a year old. I don't think it's a phase with him. Some people have told me that it's jsut a phase --- he'll change his mind and move onto another character, but he hasn't. He's a true Thomas fan. On the way home we were sent on a detour because the road that we were to be on the lanes were closed for construction or something else. We weren't sure they jsut told us to follow the detour so we did. We ended up going through by Niagara Falls - WOW! How majestic they are! They're soo beautiful. We planned to go to the Butterfly Conservatory while we were coming back home,but the delay in traffic held us back so we decided that we wouldn't do that this trip and finances really didn't allow for the stop. We decided that when we could afford it we would do a family vacation weekend and go to the Butterfly Conservatory and the Falls then. I think our son would love it also. He really wanted to go, but understood that we couldn't. How smart he is for a three year old. It's really nice to be back home. We only had one incident while we were there; my Father In Law had to go to the hospital, but then was released so then we could get on with the rest of our day. Thank you for your words of encouragement through this difficult time.

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