Sunday, May 4

Trifold Cards - Thanks for the inspiration!!

Posted by Leah

I found the file for the trifold cards. I thought I would take a try at it. I really like them and they're fun to make. They kind of remind me of the criss cross card how easy it was to make and how fun to put together. I made these few for a friend of mine that's going through a divorce. I thought that they would cheer her up. She always loves my cards. In fact we had a gift exchange at Christmas time. I put some cards in a bag and hid them quite well. I was proud of myself and didn't spill the beans about the cards. She was the next to pick a gift and she chose my bag. When she saw the cards she said anyone takes this bag "I'll have to hurt you." Hehe, that didn't phase me .... I snuck the bag right out from under her after she said that. She looked at me when she didn't see them.... I said hmmm, not going to hurt me...she says no, you're safe. I said WHAT?! She says you're safe because you made them. I said now that's just not fair...LOL. I'm glad she liked them anyway. I thought I'd make her a few and keep her stocked when she needed a cheerin' up. Thanks for looking. The cut file for these super cards can be found here by CraftyOne. Enjoy them!! I know I'll be making more!!!

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