Friday, May 2


Posted by Leah
WOW!!!! Was that loud or what rofl. I got an email I'm going to be in the cricut spotlight!!!!! I'm so shocked! excited! ..... oh I don't know .... can't put it into words!!! I've been jumpin' up and down screamin' rofll --- I know I shouldn't but I just can't believe I got selected!!!!!! WOWSERS!!!! I have to choose my prize yet....not sure what I'll choose yet. I'm still looking. I submitted a second idea that I had so I don't know if they'll choose it for a future one or not. I'm hoping, but don't know. I really am just surprised that I was selected for the spotlight!! *falls out of chair again...boy I've really got to quit that.... that really hurts* rofll.

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shelly said...

congrats leah,that was a wonderful project you made :) which free cart did you choose?

Unknown said...

I let my son choose after all. He's special needs and we were looking. I was trying to decide what I could use with him and he was looking at what he liked. The poor kid kept picking carts I had LOL. Finally he said this one Mama and it was Pooh and Friends. I thought ... then said sure let's do it. So we're waiting now.

shelly said...

aww thats sweet you let him choose..funny he was picking ones you already have .. kids are funny arent they :)
tell him he picked out a great cart! its on my next list! have fun with it! you should let him pick a cut and let him make a card or poster.. then post it on the cricut mb.. i bet he'd get a kick out of that! :) have a great day! shelly

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