Monday, June 9

A Birthday Is Coming!!!!

Posted by Leah
I can't believe it my little man is going to be 4 years old. We will be celebrating with a nice family and friends party on Saturday. We have invited his classmates from school so we'll see how many come. I am hoping for a good turn out. We will be having entertainment with a cousin of mine. She's a professional clown and loves being with the children. She's so excited about coming to the party on Saturday as she will be able to see family that she hasn't seen in a while then will also be able to entertain the childern also. This is always a tough time of year to have parties with the graduations and weddings that happen generally in the month of June.

School for my little man will be winding down then he'll have his summer session start just after a week of the school year ending. Hard to believe this is his 2nd year of school coming to an end already. He's grown so much.

Happy Birthday Son!!! Mama and Daddy love you very much!!!

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