Tuesday, June 17

Birthday Party!!!

Posted by Leah
What a day!!! We had our son's 4th birthday party on Saturday. Everything went well. Seemed a little fast paced as we had a pusher trying to rush things. My Mother is always trying to keep things at a rushed pace. We were watching time and we agreed on when we would start the opening of gifts. I hadn't even had a chance to eat had to put my plate and drink down. Go help son with opening. After the opening of the gifts came the cake. I then served the cake....didn't get to have a slice of the cake then it was clean up time. Everyone was about gone by that point. I tried to get back to my plate and my Mother was there again with the clean this and that. I was enjoying the party until she decided she had better plans than I did. She rushed us by about 10- 15minutes. We had times we agreed on so we could enjoy the party. I guess things couldn't be that way even though it was told to her. I know I seem like I'm venting. Sorry about that....I've held it in too long.
As I said our son had his 4th birthday party he was hilarious we caught many quotes he was using on the camcorder. There were a few that a dear friend of mine wrote down that she heard him say. "What is this present?" (As I'm handing him a present to open), "I'm saving room for this present" ( lol, that one really made us laugh .... but this next one will really get ya haha) "Another coloring book......Is it my birthday?" Now that one had a bunch of us rollin'. He's a cut up that son of ours. My miracle baby, but what a comedian.
Today is his actual birthday! Happy Birthday Robbie!! We love you son!!!! He's comin home in a few from school. Hard to believe he's already on his second year of school. He's doing great!!! Will be nice to hear what a day he's had today. I always enjoy hearing about his day. I know he took some apples to school. They have a program in place that we have to send things that are healthy. No cupcakes or candy etc. It's ok... it's been an adjustment as we couldn't even bring those things in for our parent class either. We made it and it's a good adjustment. Well, my alarm went off to go get him from the bus. Will let y'all go thanks for letting me vent and happy cricuting. Hope to get more projects posted soon.

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