Saturday, June 21

Crown In Glory!

Posted by Leah
This picture is taken on our family trip with my Father In Law and our family. My Father In Law is on the left in the green coat, my husband in the middle and our Uncle Jim on the right. This comes with sad, but happy words. We will miss our Father in Law as today was his homegoing to be with the LORD. He had battled cancer; fought the good fight and now has received his crown in glory. We will miss him greatly, but we are happy that he's now with the LORD. He wanted to be home with the LORD and now he's home!! I wrote a poem for him this is a rough draft, will be tweaking it -- feel free to make comments please!!! Thank you Messageboard Friends :)

A Day of Crowning in Glory

A man with love to give

gives his heart to the love of his life

they marry, a family one day they have.

The day he became a Father, his heart overflowed

to his sons he raised

to be men of faith and love

Men of GOD

Then he received the greatest treasure

the treasure of becoming a Grandfather

a Grandfather with nothing to withold

He was a giving Grandfather

A man of wisdom and stories told

A battle he would face later

He knew is faith in the LORD

would make him stronger

For he was a great servant

Each day he served the LORD

He never walked away

He stood strong in the LORD

The day came that he received his Crown

his crown in Glory

A great reward for such a servant

A servant of the LORD, a man forgiven

The LORD came and took him

To his place in glory.

We will miss him, but knowing we will

see him one day in glory

that will be a day of rejoicing

the day we will receive our crown

our crown in glory

no crying

We will be in the LORD's will.

Dedicated to Grandpa Roli

Written By: Leah Pagliaroli, June 21, 2008

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Anonymous said...

He was a good man and will be missed even though I never met him.God always blesses us with special Angels in our lives.

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