Thursday, June 26

I've Been TAGGED!!!!

Posted by Leah
WOW! Who would have thought I'd be tagged!! I like this with the messageboard friends. Like the fun that we have. Well as the header says I've been tagged and I'm supposed to tag others....hmmmm. I don't know who to tag yet will have to figure that out. LOL. Ok ok enough now ... I need to answer these questions.

1. Ten years ago? We were living in a mobile home searching for our first home. Also trying to sell the mobile home at the same time to release our landlord of having a mobile home in a different state than where he was currently living.

2. Five things on my to do list? Hmmm... you mean I have to cut it down to just five. Now that's hard to do 'cause there's tons on my to do list. Hmmmm....1. Get my son up from bed 2. Help hubby get things in order after his Father passing 3. Read my Bible - then to my son 4. Make breakfast for my family 5. Do something special with hubby and son today maybe make a flower garden together!:)

3. Snacks? Hmmm, now my favorite things to snack on generally are veggies and I love fruit. My son loves it frozen so I decided I'd try it with him ... I found I liked who knew. Now we have frozen fruit for snack quite often. I also love to make homemade applesauce and share with my son.

4. Things I'd do if I were a millionaire? I'd have to say first I'd give to the church because they've helped us out in many ways. I'd have to put money to put son through school and college where he wanted to go (got a long way for that he's only 4). I then would give to his school because they've given so much to me and our son. I would then put money to charity also. I would then live on the rest and pay off things that needed to be taken care of that we could be debt free. (least feel that way rofll)

5. Places I've lived? house in NY, Kirkville, Fayetteville, Oswego & Syracuse, NY, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake, Va ...we moved a lot.

Now to tag people, but don't want to upset will leave it open to who want to be tagged and if you respond to the questions then please put a post back here letting me know :) thanks! There's one that I'm not going to let go untagged though...that's 'cause I can tag her all the time ROFL. So Amy consider yourself tagged ... hehehe now you need to answer AMY!!!!

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Sharon Caudle said...

These tags are so fun cause it helps us get to know each other! Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me laugh! Good luck!! :)

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