Saturday, June 21

Posted by Leah

Thank you so much for looking. I made this card for my son's birthday thank you notes. I was grateful that so many came to the party. Everyone loved their cards. I wanted to do more to the front, but figured since they were coming from a now 4 year old and they were the way he wanted them I left them. I was going to put background or something behind the trucks, but he said no Mama. LOL so I had to leave it. After all they teach us in school do things the way the kids want them - don't change it for them or to what you think is right. Now that's a tough one, but I've left things and boy is it hard not to add or change things around. LOL! Here's the file --> Thank You Note.

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Penny said...

This card is so cute! I haven't gotten brave enough to try to many of this kind. NOW, YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED. Please go to my blogsite, get the questions you need to answer, put them on your blog with your answers. Then, go tag 5 others. A great way to meet and get to know others. Lillie, got me, I got you!!!

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