Thursday, July 10

Button Flower

Posted by Leah

I made this card tonight added swiss dots to the center panel leaving the middle flat. I then added a sheer ribbon around the center for contrasting color. I had designed this flower a while ago, but didn't know what to use it on or if I really liked it. I guess I do hehe. I then was going to add the center as planned in the cut. I then went for my pop dots and a button of my Grandmother's came with I thought hmmm wonder if this will work. I laid it on there and decided it could work. The more I looked at it thought I liked it. I then put it on my pop dot. I guess it was my Grandmother's way of helping with a card. Ok, enough of this banging and popping ... I need to go see where the fireworks are comin' from. I can hear them really well. Who knows I just might be able to see them from the house.

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