Friday, July 11

Clown Thank You Card

Posted by Leah

Here's a clown I made for my cousin who performed for us at our son's birthday party. I wanted to thank her again in a special way and I thought this would do it. I know she loves to be a clown. Her clown name is "Huggles"; she loves to interact with the children and she loves to hear them laugh and carry on while having fun with her. She has special things she does and she makes enormous bubbles. Our son loved the bubble part of her act and she had a marionette that needed a name - she asked the children at our son's party to choose a name...then our son said name him "Robbie"..hehe, how appropriate that's his wonder he chose it. She kept it she said - she said she'll introduce him now as "Clown Robbie". Clown.

3 Comments of Appreciation:

Marjorie said...

Cute card! You did a great job.

Sharon Caudle said...

Absolutely adorable!!!

Regina Easter said...

oh so sweet...........

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