Friday, July 4

Green Floral

Posted by Leah

Here I am creating again.... I'm hoping to sell a few cards when I go to visit my parents. I'm trying to create some original ideas. These two look better in person as the camera has washed them out a bit with the flash. I don't know what else I'll bring up. I haven't really decided I have so many made that I haven't even posted yet on the boards. I just haven't gotten around to it. I am working on an elephant card that I was inspired believe it or not by a cloud. We were on a family trip and I was looking at the sky. I took notice of the clouds and saw the elephant right away thought better draw it before it goes away. LOL, I've been trying to match it in design studio for a while now almost have it tweaked out. Hope to get it in a card form soon. Thanks again for looking at these... please leave feedback anytime on the site. I really enjoy your input - really helps in making cards and adjustments for the next creation. Thanks again! :)

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