Saturday, July 12

Messageboard Friend to visit....YEAH!!!!

Posted by Leah
Amy Whitney is coming to my house with her daughter Ashley. Can you say we'll be buggin' for the week that they're here. We decided if things go well with the kids that she'd stay longer. How fun...a buggin' friend party. We're planning our first swarm on Wednesday! We're excited. I'm getting everyone set that'll be coming. Many of them are afraid of making cards. They think they can't do it. I tell them ... we'll help... you'll like it at least come for the cheesecake, rofll. I think most are coming just for the food. How funny! We'll be making a whole bunch of things and Amy's daughter will be running her cuttlekids so I'll be anxious to see what projects she comes up with. We'll have to add them here. Along with our sign....I think most will get a charge out of the name...if you remember where I live. I think I've told a few of you where my house is located. It's rather an odd place to be, but GOD provided the house.

Now that's a story in itself. My husband and I had been looking at houses. A friend of mine and I had been scouring the net for listings in the area and runnin' around checkin' them out. If we liked it we'd call the realator. So this way I could eliminate quite a few while hubby worked. Saved him the hassel of seeing ones we didn't even want to bother with. Anywho, there was one toward the end of our search that we found that was ok until we found that there was only one bathroom in the house and it was just off the kitchen. Mind you the steps to the bedrooms upstairs were basically straight up - very, very steep!! We also decided against the house due to it's bedrooms being in tandum with the master bedroom at the very back of the house. Going to your room if you had guests would be " Excuse me, pardon me " as you walk through their room to get to yours. We just didn't like that. The price was right, but the bedroom situation turned us off. Ok, now that just plain looks funny. Here's the funny Grandad wanted me to come to their house because he wanted to speak with me. I thought ok, what'd I do??? hehe, can we say someone generally in trouble. I wasn't though, least not this time. I went, sat at the kitchen table - my Grandmother Gigi was there also. What the scary part was, was that they had the listing of the house we just went through. I to this day don't know how he got it; was never revealed to me. Anyway, he said to me that I was one of a few that have never asked them for anything. He watched my husband and I struggle many times, yet we never asked for help! He also said that I was one of the grandchildren without a house. He said take a look around; don't pay attention to the outside yet. Look around the house first; we'll talk about the outside later. I did as he asked. I came back to the table; he then said what do you think I could get this house for? I gave him a price; he said for this??!!!! Can we say he laughed at Then he said what if I offer you this house for this? I thought, but you could get more. He said can you afford this?? I said yes, because it's lower than we qualified for. Then he said talk to your husband have him come look - again forget the outside. He came, he looked. He commented to me in the basement, but the outside!!!!!! I said he said to forget the outside, rofl!!! With that being said hehehe I can show you why he said forget the outside - and maybe you'll see why I'm having fun with our swarm sign. ROFL.

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Sharon Caudle said...

OMGosh!!!! I sure didn't expect THAT! LOL!!! Well....if it's affordable.... How SWEET of your grandparents to even offer! I think that's VERY touching! Love the new look of your blog Leah!

Sharon Caudle said...

OH! Forgot to mention your blog candy went out today!!! WOOHOO!! :)

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