Sunday, July 27

Storm!! WOW!!!!

Posted by Leah

This is a picture of the tree in the cemetary next to our house that was struck by lightning. We were very fortunate that we were not struck also. We did receive some residual damage as result of the strike however. The window on the top floor by the power lines is where I was with my son at the time of the strike. We saw the flash then the *SNAP* *BANG* and shake of the house. He was very frightened as was I myself. I knew it was close, just couldn't tell at first how close. I just knew I smelled smoke as though something was burning somewhere. I smelled hot wires etc. I became frightened of our safety. I grabbed son and brought him downstairs. Told him to stand at the doorway and not move. I went outside to further investigate. I looked around the house checking the roof etc anything out of the ordinary. I then came upon the tree and found where the strike had occured. I called Dave; the caretaker of the cemetary and made him aware. He said he'd come check the tree, but yet still hasn't come. There are some branches that need to be taken now because they're becoming a hazard as they're over the wires that lead to the house. I just thank GOD daily now that He kept us safe. We had another storm last night, but it wasn't as major as this one - as a family we're a little more frightened of the storms now. I don't like being alone with the storms anymore. Not since this strike and being that it was that close to the house.

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Unknown said...

OMG -- I am so happy you are OK!!

Hey, I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you so much for sharing!

--Saige at

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