Sunday, October 5

Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Card

Posted by Leah

This card is for my neice Kamryn for her 3rd birthday. She's having a party at Chuck E. Cheese and I thought this would be a perfect idea....make a card with Chuck E. Cheese. I had other ideas, but then found out she didn't like the things I was thinking of; as I was told she was onto other things. I started designing the Chuck E. Cheese, then got stuck and I needed some help so I asked a very special person whom I call special friend. She's been a great help for me in the past and looking at her blog really gives me the inspiration to get creating. I know many of you know her. She's our Jen C. She's a fantastic designer; you give her something and she's got it done. So here and now I want to give her a great big thank you and make sure she gets the credit for the Chuck E. Cheese. If you'd like the cut file for him please ask Jen C. or see her blog. She said she'd post it after seeing how it cut. I had a ball putting this together. Thanks again Jen for the fun of putting this together. I think I'm just about all covered in glue now, LOL. *** She said it was all on my shoulders *** Here is the link to Jen's site about Chuck E. Cheese --Click Here!

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