Thursday, October 30

Cuttlebug Spot Challenge

Posted by Leah
This week on Cuttlebug Spot our challenge was to use the embossing folder that was our favorite. Choosing one was difficult in that I like so many of them and like to use them for different things. I also saw the turkey challenge on Hallmark Ladybug's this week so I decided to combine both of them. I like the swirl embossing folder because you can use it to be elegant as I did on a 50th Wedding Renewal book that's on here as well. I felt that in this turkey it could be used in a whimsical way also. I just love the versatility of the folders and what you can do with them. You're only limited by where you don't let your imagination run.

I made these invitations for my Mother In Law and my Great-Aunt Betty as they'll be at our house for Thanksgiving this year. My Great-Aunt is always telling people how I make a big todo about the holiday dinners. I jsut love to have fun is all. I am always making table decorations and adding a special twist to it. She sends me notes with things like "You're the hostess with the mostest"...she's so cute she's 88. She usually tells my Mother when my parents are out of town that I had her over and all that I had planned and what I did. She's usually raving and my Mother tells me. I think it's cute. I do it just because I love to have fun making things and I love to be with family. At Christmas time I had confetti on the table and a few cute surprises also. I had put some bubble containers there also and my Great-Aunt and Great-Uncle(92) found them and it was so adorable watching them blow bubbles at one another. I thought it was funny when my Uncle said "Hey, Ang (short for Angel as he always called her)!" He'd blow bubbles toward her then when she'd scold him for doing it ... he'd say give me a kiss Ang! Then my Great-Aunt got excited and accidentally fell from her chair...while we were all worried about her .... making sure she was ok...she was just beside herself laughing. She said I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm just having a grand time. Then we all started laughing.

This year is going to be a difficult Thanksgiving for my Mother In Law as we lost my Father In Law this past June and also for my Great-Aunt as we lost my Great-Uncle in March. I know this will be difficult for the both of them, but I'm hoping that having them together and us as a family that we can have some happy memories from here out. Thank you for looking and to take the time to read the post.

WoooooooooooooHoooooooooooo!!!!!!! I won!! I can't believe it pinch me!! Oh wait no don't ...hehe that would hurt. Thank you for the opportunity to play along.

3 Comments of Appreciation:

Nilda Rockenbach said...

I love it ,, the turkey turned out awesome. You are so creative.. thank you for paricitpating in the challenge..


Rebecca said...

What a fun card! Very creative use of that folder! I love that folder....I think it looks like swirled chocolate!!!

Susan (peebsmama) said...

What a clever idea to use the swirls folder to look like feathers.

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