Tuesday, October 7

New Look to Kitchen Clock

Posted by Leah

Hehe...one thing I have to say about this is that my husband will tell you that I'm like Mr. Potts from Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang! LOL....I get tired of lookin' at something and I think I can do something with it with cricut ... consider it gone because it's mine now rofl. He shakes his head and snickers. He knows it's never going to be the same. He still says to this day that Cricut has created a monster....I haven't denied it yet. ROFL...I have my expression and design studio I'm happy hehe. I keep buggin him about getting me another cartridge he says you have enough... I said oh no not enough yet. LOL Got to keep creating. Those of us with creative minds need food for creativity. All he can say is it's a battle he's lost. ROFLL

To all that would like the cut file click here. I submitted it to cricut...hoping it will win. If not I'm going to keep submitting. hehe I really hope it wins.

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Nilda Rockenbach said...

wonderful job with the clock.. it looks very awesome.. Your story about your DH sound just like mine... only that I go and buy the cartridges and he just nods... at the number I have accumulated..:)

Rebecca said...

That looks terrific! What a great idea!

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