Tuesday, November 4

Another Funny!

Posted by Leah
Sorry I just seem to be loaded with funnies today. We were told to give a thing about a worst date thing, but then I added about a few funnies that happened to me .... so here goes.

Hmmm....where to start. I was to meet another person on the date, but my now DH was there instead. He said that Jim was sick. I said ok; I'll just go back to the class. Then we sat and talked and he asked me what I needed help with. It was my math that I was working on ....wasn't really sure about it. I can't say it was a bad date...but it had it's turns and twists LOL. One that wasn't good was our Junior/Senior Dinner he invited me there and his parents didn't know me and had him invite another girl and she sat between us and he didn't talk to me at all the whole night. I was embarassed and didn't talk to him for a while. Then he still had my heart around his little finger that I wasn't aware of because he started to do things to woo me back to him. He told me it was his parents idea to invite the girl because they didn't know me and they heard I went to a different church than they were affiliated and they didn't like that. We continued to date and we decided to go to a local state park near the erie canal. We were there for a while jsut talking in the car ... mind you we didn't notice that it was getting dark...lol. Now in comes a car with spotlight and flashing lights. We wondered what happened...started to get out of the car and were told to get back in. LOL A policeman came up and asked what we were doing ... we said just talking .. he said in the park in a parked car just talking. We said yea...he just laughed and told us we needed to leave or he was going to tell our parents. We were laughin' the whole drive out of the park. Oh then the fun begins now....We are now married 19 years (known each other 27yrs); will be 20 in March. This happened on my honeymoon. Well, let me start with this just before our ceremony was to start my Maid of Honor presented me with a unity candle as a gift. She said she placed it up front. I saw it thought how nice. The ceremony begins, everything going smoothly ...until the time of the unity candle. Hubby and I go to light it...hmm it doesn't light. What's going on here?? We look at it the wick was shaved clean to the candle rofl. Our Pastor picks up the candle pulls out his pocket knife says try again. Meanwhile ppl are saying "What's going on up there?" We try again nope doesn't light. Then Pastor does it again, by now everyone figured it out and is laughing even hubby and I wow finally it's lit...everyone claps, LOL. As I mentioned the funny was on the honeymoon. We went to Niagara Falls. We got a room it was great a heart shaped jacuzzi in the room and a full wave king size bed. Note "full wave"...I didn't know that before, but figured it out quickly. Hubby wanted to eat in the room so he went out to get food for us. He came back set up and even had flowers, awww. I was on the bed watchin the tv until he told me to close my eyes and he'd tell me when supper was set. I did; then he came around to the opposite side of the bed and jumped on the bed - said supper's ready. (Mind you I was on the other side near the edge) I popped up in the air like a piece of popcorn in a popcorn popper - came down and landed on the floor. Hubby said sorry, but supper's ready. He gets me back up on the bed..he adjusts himself to get off the bed. Wrong move...he lost his balance and flopped back on the bed and right back up in the air I went and to the floor I landed. Then if that wasn't enough when it came time for bed after the jacuzzi hehe. I was on the bed again....he comes out of the washroom flops on the bed says bedtime and up I go again and down on the floor I land. Now by this time I'm lookin' for something to tie me to the bed so he can't do it again... I couldn't find anything...so I moved the two nightstands to my side of the bed and gave him a warnin' don't do that again or this will really hurt. I hope you find this as funny as we do now rofll.

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