Tuesday, November 4

Falling Snow....I want to be a Snowman!

Posted by Leah

I wish I could get the camera to show more of the detail on this card. This was an idea that I had and I just had to run with it. I thought it was unique. I had thought about a book I had reading a book with our son about snowflakes wanting to be snowmen. I thought that would be a cool idea for a card. This is the result.
I chose this as a non traditional card for Regina's Bitten By The Bug Contest. I used Accent Essentials for my cut and welded them through design studio. I just can't stay away from design studio. I'm sooooo addicted!!!! LOL

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Regina Easter said...

what an adorable snowman....

shelly said...

leah this is really cute i think a scraplift is in order if thats ok :)
ps... a hint about pictures.. put a white background behind your card and maybe use a window as your setting if possible, that way you get "natural" light. ive started doing this ( took a box and draped an old white tablecloth over it ,and set it in the window. and it really makes a difference in how my cards show up. im lucky and have one of those window seat type of windows.. if you dont have ample space just take your pics outside. i dont have a fancy camera and wouldnt know how to work it if i did ;) lol but the white and sunlight it make it look like i do :)
xx's shelly

Leah said...

shelly oh sure it's fine. I thought it was a cute idea. I will take you up on your tips also for the pictures. :)

A Little Time said...

Oh goodness, this is cute!

Anonymous said...

ah, how cute!!!

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