Tuesday, November 4

Fluffin' Party!!

Posted by Leah
I know y'all are probably askin' what's a fluffin' party. Well, we have taught our son if he passes gas; he "fluffed" and to say "Excuse me, I fluffed". We all thought it was funny the way he'd say it, but we always thanked him for saying excuse me.

Anyway, he was on his bed and I was changing him just before nap. He waited until I got the huggie overnight up on him and strapped one side....then he let a fluff fly. *I'm thinkin' where's that gas mask, lol* He says so serious, "Mama, I fluffed and it got you. Sorry Mama....Did it hurt you?" I said no it didn't. Then he says, "Mama it was a stinky fluff and it got you." I couldn't help but laugh.

I jsut wanted to share the funny that he had with me. He and I have so much fun together.

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