Friday, November 21

Fun Family Night!

Posted by Leah

Tonight inspite of the weather that we're having; we decided that we'd have fun with our son. He was itching to go outside,but due to his cold we told him no. He was really upset with us that he couldn't go out. We're supposed to get several inches. We've been in a warning a few days and will be until Sunday. Robbie wanted to play "Hide and Geek", rofll. You just have to love their words. We played hide and seek for several hours. He just loves it and he gets that belly rollin' laugh when you ask him where he is. He'll tell you, but not without that big laugh. He couldn't find me for the longest time and I was hiding behind my office chair. When he did find me finally...*mind you with all his funny comments Mama was dyin' of laughter silently with tears runnin' down her face* he said Mama that was a really, really good diding (hiding spot)dot. I love his words. They're so funny, but cute at the same time.
He's all excited about the snow. He's telling us look, look, look do you see all the dnow (snow)? Will let you know how we do if we can dig ourselves out. Thank goodness for the pellet stove and the ability to burn corn. We've been starvin' the cows roflll just kidding.....our source for corn comes from family.
The hat that he's wearing is from my Nana Grandmother so his Great-Grandmother. Thanks for reading! :)

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