Wednesday, November 5

Posted by Leah
The Miracle of You

We waited many long years
Shed many tears
While waiting to get the news
Of you coming into our lives

You were a surprise to us
But that was nothing to those around us
They knew you’d be the best
You be the perfect addition to our nest

Your journey was nothing short of surprises
You had us guessing at every turn
Through all the tears
Came another page in our book that we would earn

Then that day arrived so early
Two months early
Oh my, could it be
Me a Mom to be and your Father a Dad to be
You made your way
Now with our eyes we could see

You are here
Our family is complete
We’re happy that you made us
A family so complete
You are so dear
To your Father and Me, your Mother
We love you son!

©Leah Pagliaroli

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Carole Beath said...

Leah, this is laden with perfect words and feelings.

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