Sunday, November 16

Sunday Morning!!!

Posted by Leah
Today we went to church as a family. We had a super time!! We're learning how to Maximize our relationships --- through marriage and other relationships. I love it we're in week 3 of 4 of the series. I'm so happy we're back in church. Just to give you a background a little anyway. My husband and I had been attending another church off and on and we both became uncomfortable and decided that we needed to make a change. At first we didn't because our son was finally comfortable in the nursery there. He wasn't with his peers, but still he was comfortable. Finding a place for him to be comfortable is difficult. We didn't want to change him, but things were not going well with us in our church life. We needed change. I found out that it was time to change our son from where he was to another room so he'd have to go through a transition anyway. We felt that this was the right time. *hold that thought water boiling.....making tea and lunch for the family* I'm back rofll....did ya miss me??? Anyway as I was saying that we had to make a transition with our son anyway. We changed churches and have now been going to this one for a month and we have gone every week and we're learning so much and things on the homefront are super great!!!!! There has been a big change in our family and I'm happy for that! :)

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