Sunday, December 21

Country Church

Posted by Leah
I love this church cut file. Why you ask....thanks for asking...hehehe....even though you may not have, but I'll tell you anyway. Don't worry it's a cool story. This cut of the church looks a lot how my house used to look before it was a house. You see my Grandad decided that he was going to buy the church property when the church moved to a bigger building just down the street and around the corner. He got a good price for it I might add, but then my Grandad was quite the frugal man. He knew how to cut corners, but get really good stuff that was needed for family and for the family business. Now back to the church after all I did say it was a good story. My Grandparents met here then were married here in the church. My Aunt and Uncle met on the stairwell of the church leading up to the sunday school rooms. There's a landing there and that's where my Aunt and Uncle had their first kiss....then it was meant to be. My parents came here and later were married here. I was born then my parents had me baptized as an infant here. I later attended here with my Grandparents when I would visit them on the weekends. I didn't know at the time, but learned after my Grandmother Gigi's passing that she kept journals of my visits with them. Thanks for looking at the card.

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Enfys said...

#What a beautiful story, and lucky you to live in a house with such a history. I just popped over to wish you and your family a very happy festive season, and hoping that santa brings you all the crafty goodies you wishe for xx

Vicki said...

Very nicely done...and I liked the story too.

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