Thursday, December 4

Keep us in your thoughts........

Posted by Leah
I am writing this as difficult as it is....My husband will be out of work as of December 31st. This isn't from something he's done, but this comes from the top office; they have decided to close all 75 service centers. My husband and his boss received this news and now we're struggling to see what we can do. This year will be tough for us as we won't be able to do Christmas for each other or our little one. This just breaks my heart because we need the money to live on. Our little one is so precious that I know when I explain it he will say ok Mama...but I know deep down he doesn't understand. I didn't want to post this but I know that we all support one another in our I just thank you all for listening. Now it's back to creating if I can...I need to make myself a store for my cards to sell if someone could guide me through that I'd appreciate the help. Thanks sooo much!!!!!! Happy Cricuting!!!

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Carole Beath said...

I sure am sorry to hear of this news, Leah. There just isn't anything anyone can say when this happens because it is so upsetting to lose one's job.
I hope that something comes up for your husband in the way of a job.

Jen said...

Oh Leah,
So sorry to hear the news. My hubby learned today that his immediate manager was let go and currently there is no plan to release his position... but you never know what will happen once the axe starts to fall.
Keep the faith... you and your hubby will find a way through this trial.

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