Sunday, December 21

Let's build a fort...rofll

Posted by Leah

Hubby and Robbie were havin' fun with my see they were the designated ones to clean my living room. When I came out to see how they were doing because I was cleaning in my office and kitchen...I was making headway.....figured they were too. I began to hear giggles...then I heard something to the effect of .....we need to get busy or Mama will be mad at us. Hmmmm, wonder who said that one??? LOL I came out and heard..... uh oh ...we've been caught! Robbie look Mama has the camera...we've been caught. They hopped right to cleanin' but left the fort up for a few days. Thank goodness we didn't have much company that wanted to sit on our couch....hehe. Also good thing that they were understanding of our little mess. LOL

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Carole Beath said...

Leah, this photograph is the most precious one. I laughed and laughed at the fun they have created all with a sofa and some coverlets.

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