Tuesday, December 16

Our Christmas Tree

Posted by Leah
We finally got the pictures of our tree. The tree is decorated with ornaments from when we were little and have added ornaments that Robbie has done. We also have ones that we have bought over the years and or have been given. Christmas is a special time of year for us. We celebrate the birth of our LORD. As tradition would hold in our house; we begin by reading "Twas The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas morning before gifts are opened we read from the book of Luke about The Christmas Story in our Bible. Robbie loves to hear the story, he waits patiently while the story is read. He won't even try to open any gifts before the story is read. We then designate someone to be the gift host. We go around the room as each person opens a gift; then the next person and this continues until all are open. Robbie is so good about this, but if we go slow...he becomes anxious to open his gifts. (hehe...sorry Mama just had to laugh there --last year we caught him sneakin' under the tree for another one of his because someone got too slow for him)
(Note all gift opening and parade watchin' is done while the Christmas Dinner cooks. I'm working on something special for that day. My Great-Aunt always looks forward to my table having something special on it. When I get my table done I will have to get pictures. Also what we do as a tradition, before dessert is served we each receive a cupcake and each year someone is chosen to receive the cupcake with the candle on it. (you ask what's the candle for---hold on...I'm getting there rofll) The one with the candle has to wait until we sing "Happy Birthday to Jesus", then they get to blow out the candle. This year the one that is chosen to get the candle in their cupcake is Robbie and he's so excited. (hehe, did I say excited.... more like ecstatic!!! He's runnin' around here I get the cupcake with the candle!!!) I just love watching him run around all excited like this. *Note the santa claus in the picture --- this is the first year that we've put him out. We generally don't have any santa's out. We have been going back and forth on this whether to introduce santa to Robbie or not....we've decided not to. Robbie is fine with this he does however know who santa is, but he knows gifts come from us. Thanks for taking a peek at our Christmas Tree. (I made my Mother fall over just about the other day...lol....she liked my tree skirt...asked where I got it and how much....when I told her I got it on sale for 3.00 she said NO!!! and about fell over rofl)

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Carole Beath said...

That was nice to read about your Christmas, Leah.

Anonymous said...

Your tree is gorgeous, and the handmade ornaments are precious, thank you for sharing.

Blessings,Merry Christmas, Lori m

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