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Our Miracle Baby Boy!

Posted by Leah

This as many of you know is our son Robbie. He was named after my husband Robert, his Grandfather Robert (hubby's Father who passed away 6/21/08) and his Grandfather Thomas (my Father). I have had many people asking about him. In the first picture you can see where he came from and where he is today. Now, for those that don't know the story behind Robbie here is a little bit.
My husband and I had been trying for 14 years to conceive and have a child with no luck. We had no intervention from the doctor .... unless you count going in and sitting in her office and talking with her....LOL. Anyway, after a month of trying after speaking with the doctor. We were elated to get news we were going to have a little one. Everything was going well until the 16th week. I had begun to bleed then was taken to the hospital where I spent the night in the ER and was later given an ultrasound. We found out there was an abruption that was immeasurable. The doctors jsut told us this is nothing we like to see; there's nothing you can do. There's nothing we can do; you need to come to terms that this pregnancy will terminate. We just thought that after 14 years we were going to be able to enjoy our baby, then to be told this news. We were devistated, but we did not give up hope. We went home my Mother and I talked about my going on complete bed rest at that point. We were determined with the LORD on our side and all that we could do ......we were determined that we'd see this little one born. I was then on the complete bed rest for a total of 5 and 1/2 mos. ; of that time four and 1/2 of that I continued to bleed from the abruption. I also later developed preeclampsia, which my doctors thought it was from the stress of being on bed rest and not being able to get up and do things as usual routine. I then later developed a placenta previa in the later weeks and by the 28th it had moved to where it should be. As I thought I was finally out of the woods and beginning to relax a little I found out that I had the gestational diabetes of which the doctors had said that it was due to being on the bed rest. At least that's what they were saying because I wasn't able to move around to burn off the sugar and I had only missed it by 2 numbers far as the cut off. We were then given a surprise by our little one......he decided to make his appearance early; as in two months early. We went through 24 hours of labor to be faced with more issues.....they had to use 4 vacuums, 2 forceps and the cord was around our son's neck tight 2x. The NICU team was brought to us and they worked on our son and my doctor worked on me to repair for 1 1/2 hours of which I had received a second epidural. My doctor said that if the NICU team wasn't brought to us our son wouldn't have made it upstairs to the NICU which was only 1 floor up. When our son was born his APGAR score was 2 and 45 minutes later his APGAR score was 6. We were told he would spend the next 6-8wks in the NICU. Out of that 6-8 wks our son spent 2 weeks in the NICU. Every goal and hurdle they set before him he met it head on and they set more and he beat them all. He just had to beat the car seat test rofll.....that one he failed...only by couple ounces. The hospital did release him so I could take him home, but I had to go straight home only because he was under the 5lb minimum of the seat. When he was born he was 4lbs 9oz and when I brought him home he was 4lbs 6oz. We came home with four nurses between the care he and I needed at the time. When he came home he was eating less than 1/2 ounce of milk from me. Eating has been a major issue with him; took him a long long time to get to two ounces. We were told when we brought him home we were not allowed to tell anyone that he was born nor were we allowed to take him out until he was four months old. Who would have thought that at four months...even at 5 almost 6 mos old he'd still be in preemie clothes. He received Early Intervention then later on they signed him off. Then he was picked up again by Early Intervention by the age of 2 of which he's still receiving services and will be until age 7 or later. He has recently been diagnosed with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Dyspraxia as well as Hypotonia. We are getting services for him as I have mentioned. He receives, speech, physical and occupational therapy. He is now four years old and he's the gem of my heart. I love him so much. He and I have a very special bond. He and I spend many hours playing and my doing carryover from the therapists at home here. The therapists work with him at school and I get a report of what is required of me to do here at home with him. I follow what they want me to do and I work with him. I enjoy it because it means spending more time with him. My Mother on the other hand would say I need to spend more time cleaning my house and get it basically hospital inspection I say the house can wait until he goes for a nap (which lasts anywhere from 4 hours to sometimes until the next morning......seriously!!!); or when he goes to bed for the night. I love to do things with him. Mealtimes are challenging for him and me both as with the textures of the foods ......very tough to find things that he'll eat and not have issue with. I end up cooking or making many mini meals to find the right thing for him. My family will say cook or make one thing....if he doesn't eat it then keep it until the next meal. They don't understand his issues. If I did that by the time he'd be ready to finally accept that meal it would be spoiled.... textures are very tough for him. Thanks for listening and letting me express this to those that have requested it.

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Anonymous said...

Thats why I love him as my own Nephew and I wouldn't change that ever.He's the light of my life and without him part OF IT I'd be lost.Thanks sis for sharing your bundle of love with me.I love you ROBBIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

I have a good friend that had twin boys 4 years ago... one of which has the same issues. She had to move with him back east to a clinic to teach him how to eat starting first with fluid and slowly moving to food with texture. It's still a challenge but he is thriving now which he wasn't doing previously.
You're not alone.
You were blessed with a little boy that the Lord knew you would have the strength and capacity to care for and love when others might not understand.

ninamerle said...

Keep up the good work. I have a robbie too. But he has CP and had a very rough start in life. I know work as a preschool media specialist, in an early childhood center. YOU ARE an awesome MOM>> Keep up the good work. (if the house doesn't get cleaned today so be it.) IF you missed that special moment, because you were too busy vacuuming, that would be sad.
As for the textures and other sensory issues, We do the best we can and NO the food won't spoil, but giving your son some satisfaction is the goal.. ... HUGS TO YOU, and to Robbie... Nina

Carole Beath said...

Leah,I am glad that you explained about Robby. Bless you all.

Vicki said...

Leah, what a wonderful story about your son...I am new to this blog...what a wonderful gift God has given you. I had tears reading your story. A mother's love goes soooooo deep.
Take care and God Bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Leah You and your family are awesome. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing your story with me. (Now I know where the miracle comes from> I couldn't help but shed tears of joy that you both have come such a long way. Prayers and Blessings to your family.
Love, dean

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