Monday, January 5

Best Card A Mother Could Want

Posted by Leah

Today was the first day back after Christmas break for my lil man, Robbie. He was so excited about going back to school. I lost count how many times he asked during break "Do I have school tomorrow, Mama?" All I can say is that little guy loves school. I'm so glad; he really does look forward to every day that he has to go. He was my little bird spreading the news about my birthday. Daddy got him excited about my birthday coming up that he was telling people in church about it also. He is looking forward to going with Daddy to pick up my gift. All I've heard from Robbie is " I have a secret and I'm not telling you Mama - I know your present and it's my secret" I don't know what Daddy has or hasn't told him, but he's pretty cute.
He went to school this morning and this is what he came home with. He even told the monitor as he was getting off the bus, "Tomorrow is Mama's birthday and I made her a card today"...see told you I have a little bird spreading news. This card is soo precious I just wanted to share it with all of you. Thank you for looking and listening to our little story.

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Anonymous said...

Robbie is doing a great job in spreading the news about his mama's birthday Keep up the good work Robbie.Psst her birthday is Jan 6th. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mama !!!!!

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