Monday, January 5

Clifford's Birthday Card!

Posted by Leah

Here is the card I made for Clifford's birthday. Our son's school has a birthday party for Clifford on January 15th. The children bring in treats, food, blankets, toys, etc. for the animals for the local shelter. The children get a thrill when Clifford the Big Red Dog comes to the school. They celebrate with songs and games for the children. Our son wanted to bring Clifford a birthday card and he asked me to make one.

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gin4Jesus98 said...

great job on the clifford card. My 2 yr. old and 4 yr. old saw him on my computer screen and they fell in love with him. do you have a cut file that you're willing to share? I also love the idea of the clifford birthday party to raise money for the shelter. great idea!

Vicki said...

great card! Very well designed. I have a little guy in my life that would love a card like that!! He is going to be 2 in August...he has a yellow lab for a best friend until his new brother comes in he thinks he is part puppy noww...lays in the dogs bed...etc...would you mind sharing your .cut file? Thanks for considering and thanks loads for sharing your ideas!

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