Thursday, January 8

Shhhh!!! Don't tell Pa his birthday card his here.....

Posted by Leah

Here's my Dad's (Pa) birthday card... yup I did say birthday...LOL. Our family has too many this week. My brother's was the 4th of January, mine as you know now the 6th of January; my Father's is the 9th and my SIL's is the 10th along with my Aunt Cora's on the same day. Oh, it doesn't end there roflll .... nope it sure doesn't ..... January 19th is my niece Susan's and my Uncle Gary's birthday's. Hehe.... ok then we're done for January. Yea break time for birthday's until May.

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Loopylou. said...

leah, this is a fantastic card, your dad will be so pleased with it xxx

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