Monday, January 5

Wow!!! Excitement Outside!!!

Posted by Leah
We had some excitement outside just now. I was getting Robbie from his nap and I looked out the window while waiting on him to come out of his room. I saw three deer; I called to him and had him come out. He came running "Mama are you hurt??" He says ... I said no there are three deer in the yard (cemetary). He said show me Mama. I had him stand on my hard shell suitcase (hehe well now we know it will hold 35 lbs). He was soo excited he made me turn off the hallway lighting so that he could see more of them outside. He watched them until they were out of site. They were doe and a buck; young ones and one of the doe's were really young. I really enjoyed seeing them. I love to watch them. I know my Grandmother Gigi was a nature lover at heart and she taught me many things about nature as well. I have grown to love nature as much as she did. I have also passed on much of my knowledge to Robbie.

Ok, now I have a little one carrying on a conversation under my desk. Hehehe, if he only knew I was writing about him. I'd be in trouble ... haha just kidding. He's so cute. He's playing with his trains under my desk. That's usually his favorite hiding spot lately. I think because he's hidden from others there. He likes to be so close to me. I enjoy his company very much --- would I have it any other way?? NEVER!!! He's my joy!!!

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