Tuesday, February 17

Missing in action

Posted by Leah
Sorry y'all that I've been missing in action...things have started to come into play since our son's evaluation. We've had a doctor coming to the house these last few weeks to monitor son and talk with me about him. He's doing great; he loves when she comes. In fact she's coming again tomorrow to see him and he's already talking about her visit. Yesterday was a tough day with him. He seemed really out of sorts. There really wasn't any way to console him. I tried deep pressure and other tactics to try and get him back to himself, but nothing worked. Today he still seems a little off, but not as much as yesterday. I will be mentioning this to the doctor and see if there's a solution or something I can do differently when he gets this way. I just love him to pieces.

He was soo sweet this morning in spite of him still being out of sorts. He knew I was a bit flustered and upset with the calls I had to make to get him recertified with WIC. With the confusion of hubby being laid off from other job and the time to the start of the new one made some big waves. I was tryin to make things happen so we could get recertified....that will have to come later this week. Anyway as I was saying my little angel, he saw that I had tears because of being so thrown by things and not being able to find what they needed; calling hubby to help locate these things before being late ...wasn't a help either. I had to wing this one. When my angel saw the tears he said "Don't cry Mommy ~ I love you and now I am sad because you are sad. How do I make you happy again Mama?" That just melted my heart. He's a very sensitive little guy. I love that he is, but at times he worries about things that he shouldn't or doesn't need to.

I'm here and getting into a creative mood again. I'm excited!!! I am working on something for Robbie my sweet angel that he is. I'll be revealing the finished item when I'm through.......but for now I'll post one item that will be in the special thing for our son.

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