Saturday, April 4

It's A PARTY!!!! PARTY!!!!

Posted by Leah
Hi Everyone!!! I have decided to have a party with a friend of mine that is part of this fantastic site that I'm about to share with you. We thought an online party might be the way to go for me. I have many friends and most of them are online. I wanted to reach out to everyone. I didn't want to limit it to only people locally here. I would feel like I'm leaving out many good friends. So here goes join in on my party and check out this link here.... Leah's Party!!!! Please leave a comment if you order. I don't need to know what you order. I wanted to surprise my hubby mostly because we've been through a really rough time with him being out of work for months and only just now getting back on our feet again.

We've been pretty busy here also with the Dr coming to see our son. He's making progress. I feel like I'm not rofl...she keeps giving me charting and reports to write up. I feel when I finally get them finished she gives me more. I think she likes to keep me busy.....hmmm ~ do you think she doesn't think I'm busy enough during the week. I don't seem to be able to design as much as I'd like to, but I'm going to make that happen because I've got most of the reports and charting done. I have been busy with dishcloths as well. I will be getting pictures up on here soon with those. I did some just plain and some with texture and designs. I hope to be getting more done. Hubby wants me to sell them. Hmmmm, doesn't sound like a bad deal. I have to make some cards to put in the market soon. They'll be opening for Easter so I'll have my hands full having fun designing and creating cards. I should have a lot to show. I hope to hear soon from y'all. I just love reading your comments. You all brighten my day!!!!

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