Friday, June 12

A Busy Bee Celebration!! Graduation!!! Wow!!

Posted by Leah

I can't believe he's been in school three years already. It just doesn't seem possible to me; although he was in school from when he was two years old. He attends all year with only about a total of three week break. He has the typical breaks during the school year however during the summer session he does not receive any breaks. Ok, now I'm sad my baby is no longer in preschool he's heading off to kindergarten in the fall. I want to share with you some of the fun things he's made throughout the year which I did not know about as they were presented to us at this graduation celebration. One being the beautiful bumble bee you see above the program. The wings being his hands I thought was a neat idea.

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Loopylou. said...

awwww leah!!! that is just so precious!! tell robbie he obviously getting mamma's crafty genes!!!!xxxx

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