Wednesday, June 3

News Flash! Cricut Crafter Missing!

Posted by Leah to give me credit I've been contemplating how to put this post on here or if I should. Just as I get creative and get ready to post some things our little one decides I don't have enough excitement. Robbie was running through the kitchen from the living room. Now mind you he had two steps to climb so he was walking pretty quick. When he reached the corner of the kitchen table he started to run and as he rounded the corner where his Father and I were sitting my kitchen rug moved and down he went. His ankle one way and leg the other. OUCH!!!! Yes, major ouch! We ended up at the doctor's office then from there we were sent to the medical center for an x-ray; then the doctor's office decided no don't go there go to the hospital. We ended up at the hospital then from there another medical center just to do the casting. Mind you this sweet son of mine even though he endured a lot of pain from the two x-ray positioning's the the positioning in the casting room -- He came out of there smiling!!!! I felt like the meanest Mom on earth because I was asked to hold his leg straight while they x-rayed his leg....he looked at me "That's enough now Mama! Let go of my leg!!!" I couldn't because they hadn't gotten the shot yet. Then if that wasn't enough in the casting room I again was the one to hold his leg in position while they were casting because he wanted it tight up to the top of his leg which is where it was comfortable for him and the nerves weren't activated to send him pain. He again says "That's enough now! That's enough now! Mama I said that's enough now!!" He's a trooper!!! He did scream through it, but to have a big smile after and laughing was great for me. I cried in part of the casting because I could feel the pain he was experiencing as I had done the same when I was younger only I had to endure surgery as well. I give him great credit for being so strong!!! He made me proud!!! I told him to squeeze my hand when it hurt and I could count 4x that he squeezed otherwise it was a scream - which I bent down talking to him telling him how much I love him and telling him how proud I was that he was doing so well.

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Loopylou. said...

sending snuggles to the brave little man and hugs for mum and dad xxxxxxx

Jacob said...

Ouch. You would think they have a nurse for that or something. I hope he's doing better soon.

Anonymous said...

LIL MAN I love you.Get Well Soon.Love Aunt Jenn~

Caleb said...

Ouch! I hope he feels better!
I will be praying.

Carole Beath said...

Oh my, Leah...that kind of excitement one does not need. You give Robby a sweet hug from me and tell him the Pooh Quilt Lady said he was very very brave.

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